Meet Our Team

Produce Director

Ju Biao

Ju Biao has been responsible for the production management of our factory since 2018 and has rich experience in production management.

QC Manager

Zhenlian Fang

Zhenlian Fang has been in charge of quality management since 2015. She uses our QMS system to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the product on a daily basis. Her meticulous character allows her to lead the team to protect the quality of our products.

Sales Director

He Ke

Graduated from the Business Administration Department of Nanjing University of Finance and Economics, he has been engaged in operation management since 2006.

Sales Manager

Elim Zhang

Graduated from Xi’an Institute of Translation and Translation, majoring in e-commerce. She has worked in multinational non-profit organizations for 3 years and has strong communication and coordination skills. She has her own unique views on international trade.

Sales Manager

Nicole Deng

Nicole has been engaged in the international trade industry for 6 years and is very familiar with international trade processes and global markets.

Sales Manager

Arya Li

Optimistic and positive, Arya has always been able to provide her clients with the best service. She always thinks from the perspective of clients and can solve various problems for clients.

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