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In the heat of summer or during a cozy winter treat, there’s nothing quite like a scoop (or two) of ice cream. The only thing that can enhance this experience for your customers is the presentation – the ice cream cup itself. If you’re in the foodservice industry, you need reliable, uniquely branded, and appealing packaging to serve your deliciously creamy delights. That’s where our custom ice cream cups from GMZ comes into play.


BRC certificated
BRC Certificate

Adheres to global food safety standard

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SGS PFAS-Free Test

Free of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances

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RCS Certificate
RCS 2.0

Uses recycled materials for sustainability

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SGS FCM Tested

Complies with EU food contact materials

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Paper Ice Cream Cups

Made of high-quality food-grade paper with a protective coating, these paper cups can keep your ice cream safe from leaks. They are available in a comprehensive range of sizes from 1oz to 32oz, making them ideal for any ice cream serving size. Besides, our wholesale paper cup series features compostable PLA cups and plastic-free cups, making them an environmentally friendly choice for serving ice cream.

Clear Plastic Ice Cream Cups- GMZ

Plastic Ice Cream Cups

Made from transparent PET materials, these bulk plastic cups are perfect for presenting your delicious layered ice cream. They’re crystal clear to present your layered ice cream while durable to prevent leaks or breaks. Available in various sizes, they can accommodate any serving size, from a single scoop to a multi-flavor sundae.

Clear Ice Cream PET Lids

Clear PET Ice Cream Lids: Clear lids are preferred for covering ice cream because they let you see the tasty toppings and colors of your ice cream. We have two types of PET lids that can fit all our ice cream cups, either paper or plastic.

  • PET Dome Lids: Perfect for ice cream servings that require extra space, like piled-high scoops or heapings of toppings.
  • PET Flat Lids: Provide a secure seal suitable for ice creams, sorbets, and any frozen treat that doesn’t require additional topping space.
Clear Ice Cream PET Dome Lids - GMZ

Ice Cream Paper Lids

Molded from sugarcane plant fiber, it’s a more sustainable alternative to plastic lids. They make a perfect match for our range of paper cups. You can choose from complete paper pulp lids or paper lids with PE, Double PE, and compostable PLA coatings.

  • PFAS free
  • 100% recyclable
  • To match 8/12/16/20oz paper cups
Cup SizeTypical UseAverage Quantity of Ice CreamRecommended For
Small (3-5 oz)Tastings, children’s servings1 small scoop (up to 5 oz)Sampling events, kids' menus
Medium (6-8 oz)Standard servings1-2 scoops (up to 8 oz)Everyday sales, casual dining
Large (10-12 oz)Generous single servings2-3 scoops (up to 12 oz)Dessert enthusiasts, treat servings
Extra-Large (12 oz and above)Special servings, multiple scoops3+ scoops (12 oz and above)Group servings, special occasions, large appetite consumers

Custom Printed Ice Cream Cups

Ice cream cups can do more than just hold ice cream. They’re a powerful way to show off your brand and connect with customers if they’re custom printed with your brand. When people carry your ice cream, your brand goes with them. This makes your brand more recognizable and helps build a stronger connection with your customers. Custom printed ice cream cups also make your business look more professional, which can boost how much customers trust and value your product. Here’s how to order custom ice cream cups from GMZ:

Reach out to us to discuss your requirements for custom printed ice cream cups or submit your existing design files.

Need a design for your custom ice cream cups? Our skilled in-house team can help bring your ideas to life.

We’ll provide a digital mockup of your branded ice cream cups for your approval. Any necessary revisions can be made to ensure the final product matches your vision.

Before mass production, we will send you real ice cream cup samples with your branding to make sure they looks perfect.

Once you’re happy with the sample, we’ll make the rest of your cups and get them to you quickly. We handle everything so you can focus on your business, knowing your cups will arrive on time and look great.

Start Customizing!

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