PS Lids

PS lids are the most popular coffee cup lids, a perfect solution for sealing your hot coffee on-the-go. They are cost-effective and versatile. With a variety of sizes and styles, these PS cup lids are designed for a secure fit, quick application, and easy disposal.

  • Perfect for hot beverages
  • Insulated and water-proof
  • Easy and quick to apply onto the cups
  • Suitable for hot cups from 4oz to 22oz
  • Available in various styles: flat lid, pop-up lids, tearable lids, and straw lids


PS Flat Lid / PS Pop Up Lid

PS Tearable Lid

PS Straw Lid

Size Usage Cup size Fitting Packing
60 mm Hot Drink 4oz Paper Cup 1000 PCs/Carton
62 mm Hot Drink 4oz Paper Cup 1000 PCs/Carton
68 mm Hot Drink 6oz Paper Cup 1000 PCs/Carton
73 mm Hot Drink 7oz Paper Cup 1000 PCs/Carton
77 mm Hot Drink 9oz Paper Cup 1000 PCs/Carton
80 mm Hot Drink 8oz Paper Cup 1000 PCs/Carton
90 mm Hot Drink 12/16/20/22oz Paper Cup 1000 PCs/Carton

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PS Lids: The Perfect Cover for Your Hot Cups

When serving up hot drinks on-the-go, a secure disposable cup lid isn’t just nice to have – it’s a necessity. That’s where our PS (Polystyrene) cup lids are your perfect solution. They are designed to top off your drinks securely, ensuring that no potential spill or leak will ruin your customers’ day or your business’s good name.

PS materials are one of the most widely used plastics in the disposables industry due to their excellent insulation and moisture resistance nature. This makes them perfect to serve your freshly poured hot coffee without breaking down or soaking through. Our hot cup lids snap on quickly and easily to speed up day-to-day operation, so your drinks can get to customers even faster, even during rush hours.

Our PS lids come in a range of sizes to perfectly seal cups from petite 4oz cups to 22oz cup for large drinks. We also provide you with different cup lid styles to suit your beverage menu. Flat lids go with most hot cups for straightforward sealing. Pop-up cup lids make sipping easy. Tearable lids are straightforward to open up and enjoy. For drinks that call for a straw, our straw lids are the perfect fit. After one-time use, our PS plastic lids can be easily disposed of and recyclable in areas with the right facilities.

As a leading name in disposable food packaging, GMZ has you covered for all your wholesale cup lid needs. With us, you can be sure that every beverage you serve is safe, clean, and ready for your customers to love. And if you’re looking for more eco-friendly options, don’t miss our paper lids and biodegradable lids made of plants.

disposable cup lids made of PS
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FAQs About PS Lids

What is a Polystyrene (PS) cup lid?

A PS cup lid is a plastic cover designed to fit on top of disposable cups, typically made from polystyrene material, providing convenience and functionality for hot and cold beverages.

Why are PS lids commonly used for beverages?

Polystyrene cup lids are popular due to their lightweight, insulating properties, and cost-effectiveness. They help maintain beverage temperature and reduce the risk of spills.

What are the advantages of using PS lids?

Polystyrene cup lids offer benefits such as temperature retention, spill prevention, affordability, and ease of use, making them a practical choice for both businesses and consumers.

Are PS cup lids safe for hot beverages?

Yes, our PS cup lids are designed to be safe for hot beverages and are widely used as hot coffee cup lids. They are heat-resistant and help prevent spills and burns. The bagasse cup lid is also a popular and eco-friendly option for hot cup lids.

Can PS cup lids be used for cold drinks as well?

Absolutely. PS cup lids are versatile and can be used for both hot and cold beverages, making them suitable for a wide range of drinks. For cold cup lids, PET lids are another excellent choice to consider.

Are polystyrene lids recyclable?

The recyclability of polystyrene cup lids depends on local recycling facilities and regulations. If your local recycling program accepts polystyrene materials, PS cup lids can be recycled properly.

Do PS lids fit all cup sizes?

Our PS lids are available in a variety of sizes to fit different cup diameters, ranging from 76mm to 90mm as specificated above. These sizes are suitable for paper cups in 4oz, 6oz, 7oz, 8oz, 9oz, to 12/16/20/22oz.

What are the different types of PS cup lids available?

Our polystyrene cup lids come in various types, including flat lids, pop-up lids, tearable lids, and straw lids, each serving specific functions and convenience features.

How do I choose the right PS cup lid for my specific needs?

When selecting a PS cup lid, consider factors such as the type of beverages you serve, customer preferences, and use cases. Different lid types offer unique benefits: flat lids are ideal for straightforward sealing, pop-up lids make sipping easy, tearable lids provide convenience, and straw lids accommodate drinks that require straws. Assess your unique requirements to make the best choice or contact us at to get professional advice.

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