Fast Food Packaging

What are the challenges faced in fast food packaging?

In the fast-paced fast food industry, packaging plays a critical role but also faces multi-fold challenges. Packaging has to keep the food hot, fresh, and safe against external contaminants. With the increase in takeout and delivery services, it needs to be sturdy enough to withstand travel and handling without spills or breakages.

This necessity for high functionality shouldn’t compromise great design, though. Today, more than ever, packaging has to appeal to your brand-savvy customers, reflecting your brand’s themes, values, and promises.

Equally challenging is the evolving demand for sustainable practices. With environmental concerns growing, customers prefer brands aligning with greener norms. Hence integrating biodegradable, compostable, or recyclable materials into food packaging, without driving costs upwards is another vital task.

But imagine packaging that ticks all these boxes: convenient, appealing, environmentally friendly, and food-safe. This is where GMZ makes a difference. We’re here to transform these challenges into opportunities. With our innovative fast food packaging supplies, we aim to amplify your customer’s dining experience while endorsing your brand ethos and values. Whether it’s a drive-thru feast, takeout meal, or a sit-down dinner, GMZ makes sure the first impression is always impactful.

Fast Food Takeout Containers

Our Fast Food Takeout Containers make it easy to deliver fresh, tasty meals straight to your customer’s door. Designed specifically for the hustle and bustle of the fast food industry, these containers provide the ultimate packaging solution for your establishment’s menu.

  • Usage: Burgers, sandwiches, fries, and other fast food items.
  • Application: Perfect for takeout orders, drive-thru meals, and food delivery services.
  • Benefits: Keeps food fresh, prevents spills and leaks, and is easy for customers to carry.

Disposable Paper Bowls with Lids

Paper bowls are some of the most popular takeaway food containers in the world. They are durable, economical, can hold different dishes, and look good too! We offer disposable paper bowls with lids to secure the food inside, providing a leakproof, mess-free dining experience for your customers.

  • Usage: Salads, pasta dishes, rice bowls, and other fast food meals.
  • Application: Great for dine-in, takeout, or delivery, especially for meals that are more substantial.
  • Benefits: Keeps food safe, prevents spills during delivery, and is easy to take and go.

Disposable Paper Soup Cups with Lids

Our Disposable Paper Soup Cups with Lids are an excellent choice for serving hot delicacies. They’re specially designed to keep your soups and stews hot and Fast Food 3 flavorful. These containers are durable, heat-resistant, grease-proof and designed to prevent any possible leaks.

  • Usage: Hot soups, stews, broths and other hot liquid food.
  • Application: Excellent for fast food chains that offer soup as part of their menu, whether for takeout or dine-in.
  • Benefits: Keeps hot liquids warm, prevents leaks, and provides secure lids for easy transportation.

Fast Food Drink Cups with Lids

We offer a range of disposable paper and PET plastic cups, each with a matching lid to prevent spills. Our paper cups are perfect for serving hot beverages with excellent insulation. The PET plastic cups, on the other hand, are durable, clear, and great for cold drinks. They’re especially suitable for layered beverages, allowing for a beautiful display, and are fully recyclable!

  • Usage: Hot coffee, tea, soft drinks, milkshakes, and any other beverages.
  • Application: Suitable for dine-in, takeout, and drive-thru orders, catering to a variety of drink options.
  • Benefits: Keeps drink safe, prevents spills or leaks, accommodates to different beverages, and offers secure lids for easy transportation.


SGS FCM Tested

Complies with EU food contact materials

PFAS-free Tested

Free of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances

BRC certificated
BRC Certificate

Adheres to global food safety standards

RCS Certificate
RCS 2.0

Uses recycled materials for sustainability

GMZ - Top Fast Food Packaging Manufacturer

With near to two decades of experience in the packaging industry, GMZ brings to table a wealth of knowledge and expertise. When you’re seeking a fast food packaging supplier, you need someone who not only knows the ropes but who has also mastered them.

01 —PFAS-free Food Packing

PFAS, short for Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl substances, represent a group of manmade chemicals known for their potential adverse health effects. Your food safety is our highest priority which is why all GMZ food service supplies undergo rigorous testing to certify they are free from harmful substances like PFAS. You can count on us to protect the integrity and safety of your food.

02 —Custom Logo Printing

We support up to eight colors for printing, which means we can handle even the most intricate patterns without any blur. A full team of GMZ in-house designers will collaborate with you from start to finish. We are here to transform your fast food packaging into walking advertisements that are fully branded as your own.

03 —Eco-firendly Packaging

All our paper packaging is derived from responsibly sourced materials. Moreover, our eco-friendly lineup includes compostable paper cups coated with a plantbased lining and completely plastic-free cups. By choosing GMZ, your fast food Fast Food 5 chain contributes to a greener future with a reduced carbon footprint, which in turn appeals to eco-aware customers.

04 —Efficient and Versatile

We understand that efficiency is key in the fast food industry. Our takeaway containers have been cleverly designed for rapid assembly, going from flatpacked to ready-to-use in just moments. It helps you pack up orders efficiently even during the rush hours. Moreover, our inventory isn’t a one-size-fits-all. We offer a multitude of styles and sizes to suit whatever your menu serves.

Custom Food Packaging Supplies

Want to create a unique, recognizable fast food brand that sets them apart from competitors. Custom printed food packaging is your answer! By putting your brand’s logo or design onto the packaging supplies, you can establish a strong visual identity that customers quickly recognize and become familiar with. 
Here is how to get custom printed packaging supplies from GMZ:

Send us your design files for the custoom food packaging, and we’ll get in touch to discuss your needs.

If you don’t have a design, our experienced in-house team can transform your concept into a ready-to-print design for your packaging.

We’ll provide digital mockups of your custom fast food packaging designs. You can approve them or request changes to ensure your vision is perfectly captured.

To make sure you’re happy with the final products, we provide samples before mass production of your packaging.

Once you approve the sample, we’ll proceed with the full order and ensure timely delivery of your custom printed food packaging.

Start Customizing!

Please submit your design files for custom printed food packaging supplies online here in .jpg, .tif .ai .psd .pdf or .png format.
We promise not to use your files for any other purpose.

Tips: Please try to describe your design requirements in detail, such as product, size, model and the design details you want.
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