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High-Quality Event Packaging Supplies

Boost your event’s success and leave a lasting impression on your guests with our top-tier, environmentally mindful event catering supplies. GMZ products not only guarantee excellent performance but also prioritize health and the planet.

Paper Catering Bowls with Lids

Our high-quality disposable catering bowls are just what you need for serving a variety of dishes including salads, pasta, and rice dishes. These wholesale paper bowls come with secure-fitting lids that prevent spills or leaks, making them a must-have for events where guests might be moving around.

Paper Catering Cups with Lids

Designed for dishing out soups, stews or any other types of heavy food, our sturdy, deep disposable food cups are a versatile asset in any event catering. They retain the desired temperature of your items, keeping them warm and flavorsome for longer. The matching lids ensure spill-free transportation and freshness of your cuisine.

Catering To-Go Boxes

Our food containers particularly designed for events and parties, are your go-to solution for serving a vast range of foods. Available in different styles and sizes, these disposable food boxes are both sturdy, lightweight and versatile. They can withstand different temperatures and ensure your food arrives in perfect condition.

Pizza Boxes

We offer high-quality, grease-resistant wholesale Pizza boxes that are strong enough to keep your pizzas in perfect shape. The boxes come in various sizes to accommodate different pizza diameters and are designed in such a way to keep the pizza fresh and crispy.

Disposable Cups & Lids

Our range of disposable drinking cups with lids are perfect for any function or event. Designed for single-use, they provide a convenient solution for serving drinks to large crowds. Whether it’s a cold soda or a hot coffee, our disposable cups hold up well to make the drink warm and the guest’s hand comfortable.


SGS FCM Tested

Complies with EU food contact materials

PFAS-free Tested

Free of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances

BRC certificated
BRC Certificate

Adheres to global food safety standards

RCS Certificate
RCS 2.0

Uses recycled materials for sustainability

GMZ - Your Reliable Partner in Catering Supplies

Durable & Versatile

Our disposable catering supplies are designed to handle a variety of food items and beverages while maintaining their shape and integrity. Whether you're serving hot soup, cold drinks, or greasy pizza, our products can handle it all without any leakage or deformation. With GMZ, you can cater to your guests with confidence and style.

PFAS-Free and Food-Safe

Hosting an event requires showcasing your commitment to the health and safety of your guests. Our disposable catering packaging are 100% PFAS-free, having passed strict testing protocols, making them safe for food contact.

Eco-Friendly Materials

All of our catering supplies are sourced from sustainably managed forests. We also provide a variety of compostable PLA-coated and plastic-free disposable cups. Even our plastic catering cups are made from fully recyclable PET materials. By choosing GMZ for your catering supplies, you're opting for eco-friendly packaging that appeals to environmentally conscious customers.

Custom Pattern Printing

Stand out from the crowd with customized catering packaging. With our custom printing options, you can add your logo, a unique design, or any text to your catering supplies. We support up to 8 different colors in printing so every detail of your event theme or brand’s logo will be vividly displayed.

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