Quality & Accreditations

Quality Control

We firmly believe that quality is the cornerstone of the long-term development of an enterprise, so we have invested extraordinary resources in the product quality control process.
There are totally 5 people in our QC department. Under the leadership of experienced and rigorous quality managers, they undertake arduous quality management work.

We adopt an advanced QMS management system, any quality problems will be uploaded to the system, and then appear on the manager’s computer.

Any batch of paper cups, PET cups and food containers will go through three processes: raw material inspection, process inspection and pre-shipment inspection. This kind of work is repeated every day, and we never slack off.

Traceability System

In order to trace product quality problems at any time, so that we can solve customer complaints for customers and improve quality management level, if customers need, we can code on the bottom of paper cups.
Each paper cup has a code printed on the bottom, through which we can trace the production line, production date and responsible person of each paper cup. This provides a basis for us to solve the problem in a timely manner.


BRC certificated
BRC Certificate

Packaging and Packaging Materials

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The International Organization for Standardization
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Sedex Member
RCS Certificate
Recycled Claim Standard 2.0 (RCS 2.0)
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DIN EN 13432

Certification scheme products made of compostable materials

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SGS FCM Test Report for Paper Cups
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SGS PFAS Test Report
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FCM Test Report for PLA Paper Cups
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SGS FDA Test Report For Paper Cups
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SGS FDA Test Report For PET Cups
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FCM Test Report for Packing Bags
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FCM Test Report for Plastic Lids
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