Sustainable Material

Our raw material paper comes from large and reputable paper suppliers such as Sun, APP, Five Star, etc. This means that primary forests are not used. We use water-based inks and soy inks to ensure that the products meet food contact grade standards.


We recommend compostable food packaging products for our customers. PLA coatings are a compostable option for paper cups and food packaging, avoiding soil and ocean pollution from plastic. At the same time, choosing our bagasse lids can also avoid the pollution caused by plastic lids.

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As you probably know, paper with plastic content is difficult to recycle, and we have to separate the paper from the plastic.
GMZ recommends using plastic-free paper cups. Plastic-free coated products do not contain any plastic components and have good leakage resistance. What’s more, they are completely recyclable and biodegradable, so they won’t pollute the earth.

Waste Recycling

All waste generated by our production will be disposed of centrally, and all recyclable materials will be recycled according to procedures, thereby reducing environmental pollution.

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