Paper Soup Cups

Our Paper Soup Cups are the perfect solution for serving hot soups and a variety of other hot or cold food items. These containers are durable, heat-resistant, and designed to prevent leaks, offering you and your customer a mess-free dining or takeout experience.

  • Made from responsibly sourced, high-quality paper
  • Coated with a special material to prevent leaks
  • Suitable for a variety of hot or cold foods
  • Available in white and kraft paper soup cups
  • Optional PET or PP lids for spill-free transport
  • Custom printing service is available


Item Description Paper GSM Dimensions (mm) T × B × H Volume (ml) Caton Count Packing
8oz Paper Soup Cup 300gsm PE coated 90 × 73 × 60 235 25 × 20 500
12oz Paper Soup Cup 300gsm PE coated 90 × 73 × 88 350 25 × 20 500
16oz Paper Soup Cup 300gsm PE coated 96 × 93 × 102 450 25 × 20 500
24oz Paper Soup Cup 300gsm PE coated 116 × 88 × 90 580 25 × 20 500
26oz Paper Soup Cup 320gsm PE coated 116 × 110 × 93 800 25 × 20 500
32oz Paper Soup Cup 320gsm PE coated 116 × 134 × 93 1000 25 × 20 500

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Eco-Friendly Paper Soup Containers

When serving up your savory soups, you need a disposable soup container that’s sturdy, reliable, and conducive to on-the-go dining. That’s why GMZ introduced their paper soup cups. As a leading name in disposable food packaging, we specialize in providing businesses with high-quality, durable paper soup cups that can handle hot contents without compromising integrity.

We offer both white soup cups that give a classic and hygienic look, and kraft soup cups that present a natural texture that may resonate with eco-aware customers. If you’re looking to seal the soup container, we also have optional lids in paper or PP to ensure your dishes are ready for on-the-go dining without the drip.

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Why GMZ's Paper Soup Cups are Your Best Choice

Resilient and Heat-Resistant

Our paper soup cups are coated with a special material that contains liquids and prevents leaks so they don't become soggy from grease or other liquids.


We source our paper from sustainably managed forests. This makes our paper soup cups an eco-friendly disposable that not only aligns with your business's green initiatives, but also appeals to eco-conscious customers.


Our disposable soup cups come in sizes from 8oz to 32oz. They’re perfect for more than just soup. You can also use them for ice cream, oatmeal, pasta, and any other hot or cold food items!


Stand out from the crowd with custom printed soup cups. Boost your brand and make a lasting impression by displaying your logo and design on our disposable soup cups.

Wholesale Paper Soup Cups

With GMZ’s Paper Soup Cups, you’ll be serving your delicious soups in style while ensuring a secure, spill-free experience for your customers. Whether you’re a restaurant, food chain, or catering service, our paper soup cups are the perfect solution to your food service needs.

Choose GMZ for your bulk paper soup cup needs and benefit from fast shipping, reliable delivery, and excellent customer service. We’re dedicated to providing products that meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and environmental responsibility. Partner with us and take your food service to the next level.

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FAQs About Paper Soup Cups

Are paper soup cups safe for hot liquid?

Yes, paper soup cups are designed to be heat-resistant and are safe for serving hot soups. They are typically lined with a coating that provides a barrier against moisture and heat.

Are paper soup cups recyclable?

Our paper soup cups are recyclable, but the extent of their recyclability may depend on the recycling facilities available in your area.

What types of paper soup cups are available?

We offer two main types of paper soup cups:

  • Kraft Paper Soup Cups: These soup cups are made from kraft paper, which is known for its natural and rustic appearance. Kraft paper soup cups are often favored for their eco-friendly appeal and are a great choice for businesses looking to convey a more sustainable image.
  • White Paper Soup Cups: These soup cups are made from white paper, offering a clean and crisp look. White paper soup cups are a popular choice for businesses aiming for a more classic or elegant presentation.

What sizes are available for paper soup cups?

Our paper soup cups come in a range of sizes, from 8 to 32 ounces, serving liquid volumes from 235ml to 1000ml.

Are paper soup cups biodegradable and eco-friendly?

Paper soup cups are often more eco-friendly than plastic alternatives because they are biodegradable and made from renewable resources.

Yes, we offer custom printing for paper soup cups. You can add your branding, logos, or designs to create a personalized look for your soup containers. For printing needs, please contact to learn more.

What types of lids are available for paper soup cups?

We provide two types of lids for paper soup cups: paper soup cup lids and PP soup cup lids, to complement the containers.

Are paper soup cups suitable for both hot and cold soups?

Paper soup cups are versatile and suitable for both hot and cold soups, as well as other liquid or semi-liquid foods like oatmeal, chili, or ice cream.

Can paper soup cups be used for takeout and delivery orders?

Yes, paper soup cups are a popular choice for takeout and food delivery businesses, as they are designed to prevent leaks and spills, making them convenient for on-the-go consumption.

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