Double Wall Paper Hot Cups

The double wall paper cups are designed with two layers of paper to provide better insulation than single wall cups. Available in sizes from 4oz to 20oz, our double wall cups are perfect for a variety beverage items on your menu.

  • Made of high-quality food-grade paper
  • Excellent insulation to keep drinks warm
  • Meets EU’s FCM standards for safe food contact
  • Passed PFAS-free testing, non-toxic proven
  • Custom printing in up to 8 colors on the outer layer
  • The outer paper can be made of kraft paper
  • According to the needs, we can print the batch code on the bottom of the cup to easily trace the cup back through the manufacturing process.

MOQ for custom printing: 50,000PCs.


Style Cup Size Dimension
Inner Cup GSM
Outer Layer GSM
PCS / Sleeve Sleeves / Carton Packing
Double Wall Paper Cup 4oz-A 60*45*61 210 GSM 250 GSM 50 20 1000 Pcs/CTN
Double Wall Paper Cup 7oz-B 73*50*77 230 GSM 250 GSM 25 20 500 Pcs/CTN
Double Wall Paper Cup 8oz 80*56*91 280 GSM 250 GSM 25 20 500 Pcs/CTN
Double Wall Paper Cup 10oz-B 90*60*94 300 GSM 250 GSM 25 20 500 Pcs/CTN
Double Wall Paper Cup 12oz-A 90*59.5*108 300 GSM 250 GSM 25 20 500 Pcs/CTN
Double Wall Paper Cup 16oz 90*59*132 300 GSM 250 GSM 25 20 500 Pcs/CTN
Double Wall Paper Cup 20oz 90*58.5*159.5 300 GSM 250 GSM 25 20 500 Pcs/CTN

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Keep Drinks Hot and Hands Cool with Double Wall Paper Cups

At GMZ, we specialize in creating double wall paper cups that are perfect for all your hot beverages like coffee, tea, or other hot brews. Our double wall cups are designed with two layers of paper to provide excellent insulation, ensuring your drinks stay hot and your customers’ hands stay comfortably cool. We ensure our cups are safe for your drinks with rigorously tested, food-safe paper, and take pride in our factories meeting top quality standards with BRC certification.

GMZ- Double Wall Paper Cups Manufacturer
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01 —Double Wall, Double Strength

Our double wall cups are not merely two thin layers of paper put together. Instead, each layer, whether inner or outer, is made with strong GSM to ensure the cup’s durability, withstand high temperatures, and prevent leaks or spills. With our robustly built double wall cups, there’s no need/cost for extra sleeves to protect your customers’ fingers from the heat. We also offer kraft double wall coffee cups, where the outer layer is made of kraft paperboard, giving a natural, textured look that appeals to eco-conscious consumers.

02 —Versatile and Functional

Our cups are designed with versatility in mind to cater to your diverse menu needs. From 4 oz espresso cups, 8oz standard coffee, to 20 oz extra-large drinks, GMZ has you covered. 

The functionality of our double wall coffee cups goes beyond keeping your beverages at the perfect temperature. They are perfect for a variety of hot beverages, including hot chocolate and tea. 

03 —Customizable for Branding

Our double wall coffee cups do more than just hold your coffee; they serve as a walking advertisement for your coffee shop. At GMZ, we confidently handle custom printed double wall cups with our professional in-house design team. We work closely with you to bring your logo, artwork, or message to life on the paper cup, supporting custom printing up to 8 colors. From simple one-color logos or complex designs, we promise print quality that’s as good as your coffee.

04 —Eco-Friendly Choice

We care about the planet as much as you do! At GMZ, we meticulously select paper suppliers who share our commitment to the environment, and only use water-based and soy inks for printing to provide a safe and eco-friendly alternative. In today’s market, where consumer awareness and care for the planet are paramount, let your customers know you’re making green choices with GMZ’s eco-friendly double wall paper cups.

Your Trusted Partner for Wholesale Double Wall Paper Cups

Choose GMZ as your partner in success. We are committed to delivering the highest quality products, on-time delivery, on-brand printing, and low minimum quantities. Millions of coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, and event caterers trust GMZ for our reliable double wall paper cups, renowned for their superior insulation, strength, comfort, and excellent grip. Let your cups reflect the highest standards of your brand. Join them!

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FAQs About Double Wall Paper Cups

What is a double wall paper cup?

A double wall paper cup is a type of disposable cup designed with two layers of paper to provide enhanced insulation. It's commonly used for serving hot beverages and is known for its ability to retain heat and keep drinks warm.

What are double wall paper cups best used for?

Double wall paper cups are best used for serving hot beverages such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and specialty espresso drinks. The additional layer of insulation helps maintain the temperature of the drink.

Can double wall paper cups be used for coffee?

Yes, double wall paper cups are ideal for serving hot coffee. They are specifically designed to offer superior heat insulation, keeping your coffee hotter for longer periods. These cups are not only functional but also provide a comfortable grip, making them a popular option for cafes and alike.

How do I choose between single wall, double wall, and ripple wall paper cups for my specific needs?

Choosing between single wall, double wall, and ripple wall paper cups depends on your specific requirements.

  • Single Wall Cups: These are suitable for standard hot and cold beverages. They are budget-friendly and ideal for moderate temperature retention.
  • Double Wall Cups: These cups offer better insulation, making them perfect for serving hot beverages like coffee and tea. They keep drinks hotter for longer and provide comfort for holding.
  • Ripple Wall Cups: Known for their unique textured design, ripple wall cups offer excellent insulation for hot drinks and provide an extra layer of protection. They are a popular choice for premium coffee and specialty beverages.

Yes, you can customize double wall paper coffee cups with your logo, artwork, or message to create a branded experience for your customers. Please note that the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for custom printing is 50,000 pieces

Do you offer double wall cups with lids?

Yes, we do offer double wall wallpaper cups with lids. You can choose from different lids to match your cups, including paper lids, plastic lids made of PS or PET materials, and some eco-friendly options like sugarcane lids. These lids help prevent spills and perfect for takeaway coffee.

What sizes are available for double wall paper cups?

Our double wall paper cups come in various sizes to accommodate different drink portions. Common sizes include 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, and 20oz, but other sizes are also available to suit your specific needs.

Where can I find double wall paper coffee cups wholesale?

You can find double wall paper coffee cups available for wholesale purchase from suppliers and manufacturers like GMZ Ltd, who offer custom printing options and passed testings like EU's FCM and PFAS-Free testing. Please feel free to contact to discuss your bulk order and specifcations.

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