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In the fast-paced world of cafes and coffee shops, delivering the perfect cup of coffee is a complex challenge, especially when it comes to serving coffee to-go. How can you ensure your coffee remains hot, yet safe to hold for customers on the move? That’s where GMZ’s wholesale coffee cups with lids come in. We provide exactly what you need – a sturdy, insulated disposable paper cup that keeps your customers’ coffee hot, easy to hold, safe to transport, and branded with your own custom logo.

How to Choose the Right Paper Coffee Cups

Single Wall Coffee Cups

If you have a tight budget, go for single wall coffee cups. They are the most economical option among all. However, they don’t offer the same insulation or quality as double or ripple-wall cups. So if you’re serving extremely hot brew, single wall coffee cups may not be the best choice, otherwise you may need to invest in an additional sleeve.

Double Wall Coffee Cups

If you regularly serve drinks at high temperatures, double wall coffee cups might be worth the extra investment. The dual layer of paper improves insulation, keeping your beverage hot for longer and making the cup more comfortable to Coffee Shop & Cafe 2 hold without the need for an additional sleeve. They may be a little pricier than single wall cups, but they provide a touch of luxury that your customers are sure to appreciate.

Ripple Wall Coffee Cups

Perfect for those who prioritise comfort and safety, ripple wall coffee cups are the best choice in insulation and quality. On top of double paper, the ripple coffee cups features an additional, unique corrugated exterior that offers excellent grip and superior insulation. These cups may cost more, but they don’t need an extra sleeve, and the sturdy structure and non-flip hand feel are sure make it worthy. The ripple wall design also adds a chic factor, making your drink look even better.

PLA Coated Coffee Cups

For eco-conscious customers or businesses wanting to reduce their environmental footprint, PLA coated paper coffee cups are the answer. Made with a liner created from renewable plant resources rather than oil-based plastics, these disposable coffee cups are 100% compostable and Earth-friendly. Your customers will appreciate your commitment to reducing plastic waste. But it’s a little costly than regular paper cups listed above.

Plastic-Free Coffee Cups

Another excellent choice for environmentally conscious consumers, plastic-free paper cups replace the traditional plastic lining with a plastic-free barrier. This means the entire disposable coffee cup can be easily and fully recycled into other paper products. This eco-friendly disposable coffee cup comes with an added advantage – it’s less expensive when compared to PLA coated cups, making it a cost-effective yet green alternative.

Double PE Coated Coffee Cups

Ideal for iced coffee, double PE coated coffee cups come with two layers of coating, inside and outside the cup, giving them the ability to withstand the condensation that typically forms on the cup exterior with cold drinks. These PE Coffee Shop & Cafe 3 coatings keep the cup stays dry and sturdy, providing a comfortable, slip-free grip. While they are perfect for colder beverages, they can do double duty for hot drinks if needed.


SGS FCM Tested

Complies with EU food contact materials

PFAS-free Tested

Free of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances

BRC certificated
BRC Certificate

Adheres to global food safety standards

RCS Certificate
RCS 2.0

Uses recycled materials for sustainability

Why Choose GMZ as Your Paper Coffee Cup Supplier

Sturdy & Safe Construction

GMZ’s wholesale coffee cups are not just about function. They encapsulate safety, durability, and quality too. Every cup we produce is made from top-notch food-grade paper that aligns with the EU’s FCM standards, making sure it’s safe for food contact. Our promise extends beyond immediate use; we're certified PFASfree and non-toxic because we care for you and the environment.

Superior Insulation

Imagine serving your coffee or tea in a cup that’s been thoughtfully designed to handle the heat. Our insulated coffee cups are designed with two layers (double wall) or even three layers (ripple wall) of paper to create an air pocket in between. This innovative design ensures even the hottest pour of fresh coffee or tea Coffee Shop & Cafe 4 remains easy to handle, keeping the drink hot and customers’ hands cozy for longer.

Convenient, Spill-Free Design

We understand that coffee to go is an essential business to any cafe and coffee shop. So, we've designed our cups for to-go. We offer matching lids for your wholesale coffee cups in various materials: PS, PET, Paper and Sugarcane. Choose from flat lids, popup lids, or lids with straw holes. Your customers will appreciate this thoughtful, spill-free design making their coffee experiences even better.

Custom Branding

At GMZ, we believe that every brand has a unique story to tell. We’re excited to transform your unique brand vision into a piece of art that customers can appreciate daily. With a play of up to 8 colors and an enthusiastic in-house design team at your disposal, you can rely on us to create tastefully custom printed coffee cups that reflect your brand's essence. Stitch your brand into your customers' day-to-day lives easily!

Eco-Friendly Coffee Cups

Our paper coffee cups present a greener alternative to their plastic or foam counterparts. We source the paper from responsibly managed forests and offer natural-looking, unbleached Kraft paper cups. For the eco-aware consumer, we offer compostable (PLA coated) and 100% recyclable, plastic-free cups. By choosing GMZ for your wholesale coffee cups, you're choosing quality, sustainability, and a memorable coffee experience for your customers.

Custom Printed Coffee Cups

Branded coffee cups are an excellent way to promote your store and create a unique experience for your customers. They allow your brand to be part of your customers’ daily routines, spreading brand awareness each time they enjoy their coffee. Next is how to order custom printed coffee cups from GMZ:

Upload your design files for the coffee cups and we’ll contact you to discuss your requirements.

If you don’t have a design, our experienced in-house team can develop your concept into a ready-to-print design.

We will provide digital mockups of your custom coffee cups designs. You can approve them or request changes to make sure your vision is perfectly captured.

To guarantee your satisfaction, we provide samples before mass production.

Once you approve the sample, we will proceed with the full order and ensure timely delivery of your custom printed coffee cups.

Start Customizing!

Please submit your design files for custom printed coffee cups online here in .jpg, .tif .ai .psd .pdf or .png format.
We promise not to use your files for any other purpose.

Tips: Please try to describe your design requirements in detail, such as product, size, model and the design details you want.
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