Takeaway Food Containers

Discover the perfect partner for your food delivery and takeaway service with our takeaway food box series. We’ve created a lineup of containers that are not just good-looking but also practical and sturdy, ready to meet the needs of any kitchen, anywhere in the world.

  • Available in various styles and sizes
  • Made from FCM-approved paper materials
  • Safe for food contact and non-toxic
  • Leak-proof and grease-proof
  • Shipped flat for convenient transport
  • Easy to fold into shape

Best Take-Out Food Boxes for To-Go Orders

In today’s fast-paced world, where takeout orders are reaching record highs, the need for reliable, sturdy takeaway food containers is more essential than ever. That’s where GMZ steps in. Our premium disposable take-out boxes are designed to ensure your food reaches your customers exactly as you intended, keeping the quality of your meals even when they’re on the go.

Crafted from durable, food-grade paper, our paper food containers are built to handle the heat and weight of hot and heavy dishes. More than that, they feature a special coating that not only holds in liquids but also prevents your containers from becoming soggy with grease. Whether you’re serving warm soups, saucy noodles, or crispy fried snacks, our takeout boxes can handle it all.

We understand that efficiency is key in the food industry, our paper take-out containers are designed to go from flat-packed to fully formed in a snap so you can pack up orders efficiently and keep your customers happy. They are also available in various styles and sizes to suit every item on your menu.

When you choose GMZ, you’re aligning your business with a trusted name in the paper food packaging industry. Our two decades of experience have allowed us to refine our processes and consistently deliver top-tier products. We are committed to quality and use only high-grade paper that has passed the SGS food contact material test, ensuring our products are non-toxic and safe for both people and the environment.

In addition to quality, we’re deeply committed to sustainability. We source our raw materials from responsibly managed forests so no primary forests are harmed in the process. Fast shipping, punctual delivery, excellent quality, and responsive customer service – that’s the GMZ promise. Partner with us and elevate your food business to new heights.

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FAQs About Takeaway Food Containers

What are takeaway food containers?

Takeaway food containers are specifically designed containers for holding and transporting food from restaurants or food establishments to be consumed off-site. There are various shapes and sizes for takeout boxes to accommodate different types of food.

Is it safe to eat out of takeout containers?

Yes, our takeout containers are made from fodd-grade paper and tested for food contact materials. It's 100% safe to eat out of GMZ's takeaways food containers.

Can you freeze food in takeaway containers?

Yes, you can freeze food in our takeaway containers.

Can you microwave food in takeaway containers?

It depends. Paper takeout boxes are microwave-safe if they are coated with polypropylene, also known as PP. However, if the takeout box uses PE coating, it is not recommended to be microwaved.

Can you recycle takeaway food containers?

Yes, our paper takeaway containers are recyclable, but it's essential to check with your local recycling program for specific instructions.

Where to buy wholesale takeaway food containers?

You can purchase takeaway food containers in bulk from GMZ. We're a specialized food packaging supplier with over 17 years of experience. We're capable of handling large quantities of takeout box manufacturing. Welcome to contact us at to discuss your needs.

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