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In today’s fast-paced society, disposable hot chocolate cups have carved their own niche, serving the ever-moving customer base. With growing awareness towards eco-friendly food packaging, high-grade disposable paper cups meet the demands of convenience for consumers, and environment-friendly practices for businesses.
With more than 18 years of experience, GMZ is a leading supplier of wholesale disposable hot chocolate cups with lids in China, which is famous for paper cup production. Experience allows our company to obtain high-quality raw materials, which we can buy at reasonable prices, so our bulk orders will always be of high quality and on time. The certificates and audits we’ve received over the years testify to our excellence.
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Uses recycled materials for sustainability

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single paper cups for hot beverages like hot coffee, hot chocolate, hot cocoa

Single Wall Hot Chocolate Paper Cups

Our premium single-wall paper hot cups, available in sizes from 1 oz to 22 oz, are designed to meet diverse needs. Strong and durable, they feature optimal GSM (Grams Per Square Meter) for managing hot drinks like hot chocolate, ensuring no spills or leaks. They’re one of the most economic disposable hot chocolate cups wholesale.

Double wall paper coffee cups for hot beverages

Double Wall Hot Chocolate Paper Cups

Available in 4oz to 20oz, double wall hot chocolate cups have better heat resistant properties compared to the single wall ones. We also offer kraft paper cups that offer a natural and textured look coming from kraft paperboard. 

ripple paper cups for coffee with kraft paper to choose

Ripple Wall Hot Chocolate Paper Cups

Imagine enjoying your hot chocolate in a cup designed to handle the heat effortlessly. Our double-wall ripple paper cups feature three layers of paper with a corrugated outer layer, creating an insulating air pocket. This innovative design keeps your drink hot and your hands comfortable for a delightful experience. 

PLA coated paper cups for hot drinks and it's a composable and eco-friendly paper cup

Composable PLA-Coated Paper Cups

Our PLA coated paper cups are 100% compostable and are DIN EN13432 certified for compostability. In contrast with the PE-lined cups, which may take hundreds of years to degrade and end up as landfill waste, the PLA coated cups are designed to break down in 3-6 months in commercial composting facilities to improve the soil. Ideally suited for companies that want to demonstrate their commitment to environmental protection as well as target environmentally sensitive clients. 

Plastic-free paper cups wholesale

100% Recyclable Plastic-Free Paper Cups

GMZ proudly introduces plastic-free disposable hot chocolate cups, 100% recyclable without plastic coating. Our innovative design replaces traditional plastic linings with sustainable materials, maintaining cup integrity for hot chocolate drinks. These eco-friendly cups simplify recycling, transforming easily into harmless organics or new paper products, promoting a greener, more sustainable future. 

disposable cup lids

Hot Chocolate Cup Lids

Our cup lids come in various materials, including PS, PET, paper pulp, or sugarcane, and are sized to match your order. Whether you’re seeking economical and practical solutions or high-end, eco-friendly choices, we have everything you need.

Customizable Design

With the capability of up to 8-colour printing on the outer layer, our hot chocolate paper cups offer a vibrant and unique touch. From intricate patterns to distinct logos, our cups display designs clearly and accurately.

Exceptional Insulation

Designed for handling even the hottest beverages with ease. While your hot chocolate stays steaming, your hands stay comfortably warm. Ideal for all occasions, our hot chocolate paper cups epitomize this superior design.

Safe Food Contact

Complying with EU Food Contact Materials (FCM) regulations, our hot chocolate paper cups are thoroughly tested to be non-PFAS and non-toxic, ensuring safety for our consumers and the environment.


Responsibly sourced paper is at the heart of our cups, assuring forest preservation and a better planet. For printing, we utilize environment-friendly water-based and soy inks, further reducing our ecological footprint.

Custom Hot Chocolate Cups

Transform every cup of cozy hot chocolate into a mobile billboard featuring your custom logo, name, or intricate design. Enhance your brand visibility with every uniquely designed cup.

Submit your unique design file intended exclusively for your hot chocolate cup order.

No existing design? Our skilled designers are ready to turn your creative concepts into reality.

We furnish a digital prototype of your cup for review. Revise until you achieve that perfect look.

Before mass production, we will send you samples of your custom hot chocolate cups to make sure it looks exactly just you want it to be.

Upon approval, we begin production and ensure the delivery of your personalized hot chocolate cups tailored to your bulk order requirements.

Start Customizing!

Please submit your design files for custom branded hot chocolate cups online here in .jpg, .tif .ai .psd .pdf or .png format.
We promise not to use your files for any other purpose.

Tips: Please try to describe your design requirements in detail, such as product, size, model and the design details you want.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
File Type: .jpg, .pdf, .tif, .png, .psd, .ai, .esp, .cdr
Max File Size: 5MB

FAQs About Paper Hot Chocolate Cups

Yes, paper cups are generally recyclable. However, the ease of recycling largely depends on the type of coating used inside the cups. For instance, most paper cups are coated with PE plastic to make them resistant to water and prevent deformation over time, but this also makes them challenging to recycle. These cups require special facilities to separate the paper and plastic, which are not commonly available. On the other hand, recycling is much simpler for PLA coated paper cups and plastic-free paper cups. These cups use plant-based materials to replace the PE coating, making them more environmentally friendly and easier to recycle.

Paper cups are typically made from 95% paper or card with a 5% polythene plastic coating to prevent leakage. As an eco-friendly alternative, some cups replace the plastic coating with greener materials, resulting in a cup that is completely organic.

At GMZ, our minimum order quantity (MOQ) for wholesale disposable hot chocolate cups is usually 10,000 pieces per size. If you need custom printed cups, the MOQ is 50,000 pieces.

Our delivery lead time for hot chocolate paper cups typically ranges from 30 to 45 business days. However, this may vary depending on the volume and geographical location of your order.

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MOQ: 10,000 pcs per size.
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