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Disposable Espresso Cups with Lids

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In the bustling world of cafes, providing the ideal cup of espresso to-go is a nuanced task. Ensuring the coffee remains hot, yet safe to hold for on-the-go customers is key. GMZ’s wholesale espresso cups with lids are the solution. We offer a robust, insulated disposable paper cup that secures your customers’ espresso, making it hot, easy to hold, safe to transport, and personalized with your custom logo.

GMZ is a leading manufacturer with nearly two decades of experience in producing quality packaging for the food industry. We ensure our paper coffee cups meet all safety standards and are of top quality. They can confidently handle even the steaming hot brews, whether you’re serving espresso, cappuccino, latte, macchiatos, mochas, or americano. The certificates and accreditations we have received over the years attest to our high standard of manufacturing.

BRC certificated
BRC Certificate

Adheres to global food safety standard

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SGS PFAS-Free Test

Free of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances

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RCS Certificate
RCS 2.0

Uses recycled materials for sustainability

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SMETA 4P Audit
  • Labor Standards
  • Health and Safety
  • Environment|
  • Business Ethics

Kraft & White

We provide espresso paper cups in kraft cardboard and clean white paper options for customization according to your brand's style. Sizes are available from 1oz to 22oz.

Excellent Insulation

Our paper espresso cups offer good insulation that helps keep your drink hot and also protects your arms from the hot liquid. When paired up a lid, they’re an excellement espresso to go cups that won’t spill or leak.

Food-Grade Paper

We manufacture our disposable espresso cups from high-quality, food-grade paper, which is made from virgin pulp and contains no recycled fibers. The materials used for these cups are tested for safe food contact.

Custom Design & Print

We are able to offer custom espresso cups to meet a customer's specifications. If you want a certain shape and design to fit your brand, we can do that. We also print your logo, pattern, design and much more upon request.

Single Wall Espresso Cups

Single Wall Cups are widely used, robust, and cost-effective disposable coffee cups. Available in sizes from 1oz to 22oz, they cater to various beverage portion. However, their insulation is not as effective as double or ripple wall cups.

single paper cups for hot beverages like hot coffee, hot chocolate, hot cocoa
Double wall paper coffee cups for hot beverages

Double Wall Espresso Cups

We produce these cups, varying in size from 4 oz to 20 oz, to cater to the needs of every client. These cups offer excellent insulation because of their two walls. The outer wall can be made from Kraft paper upon request.

Ripple Wall Espresso Cups

Another product in our catalogue is the ripple wall hot espresso cups. These cups have two distinct layers: the inner food safety layer and an outer channelled layer. They are designed to keep your espresso hot and provide a comfortable grip.

ripple wall paper cups for hot beverages with kraft and black paper to choose from
PLA coated paper cups for hot drinks and it's a composable and eco-friendly paper cup

PLA-Coated Espresso Cups

We also offer espresso cups made entirely from plant-based materials. The PLA coating, derived from starch or sugar cane, replaces the traditional plastic coating, which makes the whole cup 100% compostable and biodegradable. It’s a more environmentally responsible choice.

Plastic-Free Paper Espresso Cups

Our plastic-free espresso cups are the latest in eco-friendly food packaging technology. Innovatively designed without traditional plastic lining, these cups can be fully recycled to reducing waste. They are not only environmentally friendly, but cost less than PLA coated cups too.

Plastic-free paper cups wholesale

Cup Lids

Our cup lids come in various materials, including PS, PET, paper pulp, or sugarcane, and are sized to match your order. They fit perfectly to your espresso to go cups, keeping them safe through transits.

Custom Printed Espresso Cups

Boost your brand’s recognition and foster customer loyalty with personalized espresso cups. Every sip from your custom espresso cups will serve as a reminder of your brand’s values and the delightful experience you offer. Here is how to get custom espresso cups wholesale from GMZ:

Send us your design file for use exclusively on your smoothie cup order.

Don’t have a design? Let our professional designers bring your ideas to life.

We provide a digital preview of your custom printed espresso cup. Make adjustments until you’re satisfied.

Verify your custom espresso cup design with a pre-production sample before we start mass production.

Post-approval, we proceed with production and assure the delivery of your personalized espresso cups as per your bulk order requirements.

Start Customizing!

Please submit your design files for custom branded espresso cups online here in .jpg, .tif .ai .psd .pdf or .png format.
We promise not to use your files for any other purpose.

Tips: Please try to describe your design requirements in detail, such as product, size, model and the design details you want.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
File Type: .jpg, .pdf, .tif, .png, .psd, .ai, .esp, .cdr
Max File Size: 5MB

Frequently Asked Questions

What are paper espresso cups made of?

Paper cups are typically made from 95% paper or card with a 5% polythene plastic coating to prevent leakage. As an eco-friendly alternative, some cups replace the plastic coating with greener materials, resulting in a cup that is completely organic.

At GMZ, our minimum order quantity (MOQ) for wholesale disposable cups is usually 10,000 pieces per size. If you need custom printed cups, the MOQ is 50,000 pieces.

Our delivery lead time for hot chocolate paper cups typically ranges from 30 to 45 business days. However, this may vary depending on the volume and geographical location of your order.

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MOQ: 10,000 pcs per size.
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