PET Lids

Our lids are made of high-quality PET plastic and can be recycled into new products through proper processes. These lids are durable, strong, and super clear, offering a secure, spill-free solution for your cold drinks. Designed to fit our range of PET cups, they are compatible with most cold cup sizes on the market.

  • Made of recyclable PET materials
  • Provides a secure and spill-free experience
  • Compatible with most cold cups in the market
  • Available in the dome, pop-up, and flat lid styles
  • Perfect for showcasing the top layer of your beverages


PET Dome Lids

PET Pop Up Lids

PET Flat Lids

Size Usage Fitted Cup Packing
78 mm Cold Drink Φ78mm PET Cup 1000 PCs/Carton
89 mm Cold Drink Φ89mm PET Cup 1000 PCs/Carton
92 mm Cold Drink Φ92mm PET Cup 1000 PCs/Carton
93 mm Cold Drink Φ93mm PET Cup 1000 PCs/Carton
95 mm Cold Drink Φ95mm PET Cup 1000 PCs/Carton
96 mm Cold Drink Φ96mm PET Cup 1000 PCs/Carton
98 mm Cold Drink Φ98mm PET Cup 1000 PCs/Carton

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Recyclable PET Lids: The Perfect Match for Your Cold Cups

In the bustling world of cafes, food trucks, and events, every detail counts — especially when it comes to serving drinks that look as good as they taste. That’s where GMZ’s recyclable PET lids step in, the perfect match to our clear PET cups. As a leading food packaging manufacturer, we know the importance of topping off your beverage service with quality that shines through.

PET disposable cup lids
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Why Our PET Lids Are the Top Choice

Made from PET, or polyethylene terephthalate, our lids are known for being strong, water-resistant, and super clear. This makes it the best choice for lids that need to keep cold drinks safe and sound.


Our clear PET lids are designed to let your customers see what they’re getting. Make the first sip even more tempting. They're perfect for showcasing the top layer of your beverages, from the frothy finish of an iced latte to the fresh fruit on top of a smoothie.

Secure & Spill-free

Nobody wants a spill, especially when on the move. Our PET lids seal to keep drinks stay put in the cup, whether during a bumpy car ride or at a crowded event.


Made with recyclable PET plastic, these cold cup lids don’t just look good; they do good, too. Opting for GMZ's PET lids means you're helping cut down on waste and promote sustainability.


Our range of PET lids comes in various sizes to fit most cold cups in the market from small to large. We also offer different PE cup lid styles to ensure each drink gets the perfect topping it deserves. Here’s a look at what we offer:

  • PET Dome Lids: Great for drinks that need that extra room, like whipped cream-topped smoothies. Nothing gets squished.
  • PET Pop-Up Lids: They pop open for easy drinking without a straw, perfect for customers on the move.
  • PET Flat Lids: Offer a simple seal that goes with iced coffees, cold brews, teas, and any cold drink that doesn’t need extra space on top.

Partner with GMZ for wholesale PET cup lids, and you will experience fast shipping, reliable delivery, and exceptional customer service. For an eco-friendly and recyclable packaging solution, pair our PET lids with either our standard PET cups or our stylish round bottom PET cups.

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FAQs About PET Lids

What are PET lids, and what are they commonly used for?

PET lids are made from PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) plastic, known for its clarity and durability. They are frequently used to cover and seal various containers, including PET cups and food containers.

What are the advantages of using PET cup lids?

PET cup lids offer several advantages, including their excellent clarity, durability, and resistance to moisture and heat. They also help prevent spills and keep drink fresh.

What types of PET lids are available?

There are different types of PET lids, including flat lids, dome lids, and pop-up lids. Flat lids provide a tight seal, dome lids accommodate taller items, and pop-up lids offer easy access to drinks.

What is the difference between flat lids and dome lids in terms of functionality?

Flat lids provide a secure seal and stackability, making them suitable for a wide range of containers. Dome lids, on the other hand, offer extra space for whipped cream, foam, or toppings on beverages, preventing them from getting squished.

Are PET lids recyclable and environmentally friendly?

Our PET lids are made from recyclable PET plastic, which is considered environmentally friendly compared to some other plastics.

Can PET lids be used for hot and cold beverages?

PET lids are best suited for serving cold drinks as they can resist moisture while remaining rigid and intact. They are made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) materials, which have a melting point at 125 degrees Celsius. Most beverages are served at temperatures below this threshold. However, for hot beverages, it is recommended to use PS cup lids or bagasse cup lids for optimal heat resistance and safety.

Are PET lids a suitable choice for takeaway food containers?

Yes, PET lids are often used with takeaway food containers due to their sealing properties and ability to maintain food freshness during transport.

Do PET lids fit all cup sizes?

Our PET lids are available in various sizes to fit different PET cup diameters, including 78 mm, 89 mm, 92 mm, 93 mm, 95 mm, 96 mm, and 98 mm. For more details, please contact us at

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clear pet cups for cold beverages

The calibers of our PET cup series are 78mm, 89mm, 92mm, 93mm, 95mm, 96mm, 98mm, 107mm, with excellent transparency.

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