Paper Lids

Our paper lid series has the following two types. Compared with plastic lids, paper lids are a more environmentally friendly choice.

  1. Paper pulp lids
  2. PE/PLA coated paper lids
  • PFAS free
  • 100% recyclable
  • To match 8/12/16/20oz paper cups


Size Usage Fitted Cup Packing
80 mm Hot Drink 8oz Paper Cup 1000 PCs/Carton
90 mm Hot Drink 12/16/20/22oz Paper Cup 1000 PCs/Carton

Eco-Friendly Paper Lids for Your Hot Coffee Cups

When you’re delivering hot coffee or serving it to go, a dependable hot cup lid isn’t just a nice-to-have—it’s a must. At GMZ, a leading name in disposable food packaging, we understand the importance of keeping your drinks secure and spill-free. That’s why we offer sturdy and affordable plastic PS lids. They’re designed to be strong, secure, and cost-effective, perfect for businesses looking to maintain quality on a budget.

However, we also recognize the growing need for sustainable options. If your business is looking to cut down on plastic, our range of paper lids could be exactly what you need. We provide various choices to fit different budgets and preferences.

paper cup with lids
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What Sets Our Paper Lids Apart

The key to our paper lids‘ waterproof quality and strength against hot liquids lies in the coating. Here’s what we offer:

Paper pulp lids

Our paper pulp lids are molded fiber lids made from sugarcane plant fiber, a sustainable alternative to plastic lids and the perfect companion to our range of paper cups.

PE/PLA Coated Paper Lids

Durable and reliable, with a PE/PLA coating that keeps the heat in and the liquid from soaking through.

Double PE Coated Lids

For extra protection, these lids have a PE coating both inside and out.

As a certified paper packaging manufacturer with an BRC certificate, we guarantee our disposable cup lids are made from FCM-approved high-quality paper. They’re safe for food contact and free from any toxic chemicals. Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment and technology, our fully coated paper lids confidently handle heat up to 220 degrees without breaking down or going soggy.

The Benefits for Your Business

Our coffee paper lids aren’t just about preventing spills; they’re about providing a seamless experience for your customers. They keep drinks warm and secure from the first pour to the final sip so your customers can enjoy their beverages without worrying about staining their cars, clothes, or personal items.

For busy venues like concession stands, convenience stores, take-out restaurants, and cafes, our paper cup lids are a game-changer. They’re easy to snap on to speed up service and ensure your drinks reach customers faster, even during peak hours. We offer five different sizes that fit most of the hot coffee cups on the market, from a small 4oz espresso cup to standard 8oz coffee and larger cups like 12/16/22oz.

Choose GMZ for your wholesale paper lids. You’ll benefit from fast shipping, timely delivery, excellent quality, and top-notch customer service. We’re here to help you keep your hot drinks secure and your customers happy, hassle-free.

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FAQs About Paper Lids

What are paper lids?

Paper lids are disposable, eco-friendly, and biodegradable lids made from paper materials. They are commonly used to cover cups containing both hot and cold beverages.

What are the advantages of using paper lids over plastic lids?

Paper lids offer several advantages, including biodegradability, sustainability, and a reduced environmental impact compared to traditional plastic lids. They are a more eco-conscious choice for those seeking to minimize plastic waste.

Are paper lids suitable to serve cold drinks?

Yes, paper lids are ideal for serving cold beverages and are made from food-grade paper, ensuring they are safe for such use. For cold cup lids, PET lids are another excellent choice to consider.

Are paper lids safe for hot drinks?

Yes, paper lids can be used for hot drinks, but it's recommended to consider PS lids or sugarcane lids for optimal heat resistance.

Are paper lids recyclable?

Yes, paper lids are environmentally friendly products and are often recyclable. It's advisable to check with your local recycling program for specific recycling guidelines.

Do paper lids fit various cup sizes, or are they size-specific?

Paper lids come in various sizes, ranging from 78mm to 98mm, suitable for most PET cups. If you have trouble finding the right size for your cup lids, you can contact us at to get professional assistance.

How to store paper lids properly?

Store paper lids in a cool, dry place to prevent moisture or damage. Handle them with clean, dry hands to maintain their integrity and performance.

Can I choose a coating for cup lids?

Yes, we offer different coatings for paper lids, including PE, double PE, and PLA coatings to choose from. Coatings can enhance their performance and durability.

Where can I find wholesale paper lids?

GMZ is a professional food packaging supplier with a focus on paper cup manufacturing. We are confident in providing you with the best paper cup lid solution and are capable of handling bulk orders. For more information, please reach out to us at

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