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GMZ is a leading food packaging manufacturer from China with years of experience in disposable packaging. Our product range includes eco-friendly paper cups of various layers, coatings, and sizes, as well as 100% recyclable plastic cups, lids and accessories. Building on the success of our disposable cup lines, we’ve expanded to include paper food containers such as food bowls, soup containers, to-go boxes, and pizza boxes. We’re here to make sure your food & beverage business be more successful with our top-tier, food-grade disposable packaging!

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Restaurant Supplies

No matter dine-in or take-out, we have the best restaurant packging supplies for you.

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Fast Food Packaging

Keep your fast-food fresh and handy with our premium, recyclable packaging.

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Single Wall Paper Cups for Your Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop & Cafe

Unleash the potential of your coffee shop with our superior, eco-friendly paper supplies.

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Event Catering

Infuse a green aura to your event-catering service with our sustainable and stylish supplies.

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Wholesale Disposable Sauce Cups with Lids - GMZ

Sauce Cups

Upgade your condiment services with portion cups with lids!

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Ice Cream Cups

Make each scoop of your ice cream more delicious with our food-safe cups.

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Single Wall Paper Cups for Your Coffee Shop

Hot Chocolate Cups

Superior insulated disposable paper cups for your hot chocolate drinks!

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round bottom cups made from pet plastic

Smoothie Cups

Show off your smoothies in clear cups with dome lids.

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Wholesale Chinese Food Take Out Boxes - GMZ

Chinese Food Boxes

Seal in the flavour of your Chinese food in paper takeout containers.

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Takeaway Burger Boxes - GMZ

Burger Boxes

Wrap up your burgers perfectly with tailor-made paper boxes

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Salad Bowls

Clean, safe, green - that's how GMZ packs your salad takeaways.

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disposable burritos container supplier-GMZ

Burritos & Chipotles Bowls

Impress your customers with high-quality, sytlish paper buritto bowls.

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Chines To-Go Containers Explore Options - GMZ

Bento Boxes

Lock the flavor and temperature of your food in kraft paper lunch boxes.​

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