Wholesale Paper Salad Bowls

Wholesale Paper Salad Bowls Supplier - GMZ

Paper Salad Bowls Supplier - GMZ

Our disposable paper bowls are suitable for soup, salad, and various other types of food. When used with a lid, these bowls make excellent to-go salad containers that won’t leak or spill. They are eco-friendly and made from responsibly sourced paper materials that can be regrown annually. Additionally, our paper materials have been fully tested by SGS for safe food contact and are PFAS-free to use in packaging. Our factory is certified by BRC for meeting the highest levels of quality, safety, and operational practices. By choosing GMZ as your paper salad bowl supplier, you’re guaranteed top-notch wholesale salad containers that will elevate your brand and resonate with your eco-conscious customers.

Kraft & White

We offer our salad bowls in both Kraft and a clean, hygienic-look white paper, allowing you to customize as per your brand's aesthetic.


We offer disposable salad bowls with lids made from PET and PP materials to keep your food intact during delivery.

PE Coating

PE is known for its protective qualities to protect our paper salad containers from grease and moisture.

Various Sizes

Available in various sizes, our paper salad bowls are designed to accommodate different serving needs.

Paper Salad Bowls

Paper Salad Cups

To Go Salad Containers

Custom Printed Salad Bowls

Turn your disposable food packaging into a powerful branding tool with our custom printing options:

Contact us to discuss your custom print requirements or submit your existing design files.

Don’t have a design? Our skilled in-house design team can help bring your ideas to life.

We’ll provide a digital mockup of your design on the bowls for your approval. Any necessary revisions can be made to ensure the final product matches your vision.

Before mass production, we will send you a sample of the salad bowl with your custom branding to ensure everything looks perfect.

Once you approve the sample, we will proceed with the full order and ensure timely delivery of your custom printed paper salad bowls.

Start Customizing!

Please submit your design files for custom branded salad bowls online here in .jpg, .tif .ai .psd .pdf or .png format.
We promise not to use your files for any other purpose.

Tips: Please try to describe your design requirements in detail, such as product, size, model and the design details you want.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
File Type: .jpg, .pdf, .tif, .png, .psd, .ai, .esp, .cdr
Max File Size: 5MB

FAQs About Paper Salad Bowls

Paper salad bowls are food containers made from paper. They are designed to hold salads but can be used for a variety of other foods. At GMZ, our bowls are responsibly sourced, PFAS-free, and tested by SGS for safe food contact.

Paper packaging is a more eco-friendly option compared to plastic or foam. Our paper salad bowls are created from readily renewable paper resources, which can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and appeal to eco-conscious customers. Using paper bowls for your salads can help position your brand as a green, sustainable business.

Yes, our paper salad bowls have a protective PE coating to prevent leakage and protect from grease and moisture. When paired with our PET/PP lids, they provide a secure salad container that will not spill or leak.

Yes, GMZ carries paper salad bowls in several sizes to accommodate various serving needs, including 500ml, 750ml, 1000ml, 1100ml, and 1300ml.

The PE coating on the inner wall makes the paper salad bowls resistant to water and grease. However, this complicates recycling because the paper and PE plastic need to be separated before recycling. This is a process not typically carried out in standard facilities. So make sure you check with local waste management facilities to see if they accept PE-coated products or have special instructions.

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