5 Reasons Why Custom PET Cups Are a Must-Have for Beverage Branding

5 Reasons Why Custom PET Cups Are a Must-Have for Beverage Branding

Plastic packaging and cups are widely used worldwide to contain food and drink for businesses. There are different types of plastic and now many businesses opt to use the more eco-friendly option of PET plastic cups. Traditional plastic is unrecyclable and after use, the majority of it is dumped in landfill or leaked into the sea which is very bad for the environment. However, with the introduction of PET plastic, many businesses now feel the benefit of using sustainable and environmentally friendly plastic for their packaging.

PET cups have become much more popular over recent years especially as you can now also purchase personalised PET cups that advertise and promote your business when you get takeaway cups into the hands of customers who then travel and broaden the reach of your brand. GMZ produce PET plastic cups matched with tight fitting lids in a range of sizes in the traditional cup shape and an impressive U-shape PET cup that can be custom printed to be used for your business. Whether you have a design in mind or would like us to create something for you, our in house design team will create unique and standout custom prints perfect for your business. Printed PET cups offer many advantages for your business and the environment.

What Are PET Cups?

PET stands for Polyethylene terephthalate and is a form of polyester now popularly used in food and drink packaging. PET resin pellets are heated and then moulded into the suitable shapes to create the cups and it can also be stretched extremely thin to create PET film which is also used as packaging. The cups are made of PET plastic which creates a transparent, glossy finish in a lightweight and strong material. PET cups are ideal for cold drinks and the material is shatterproof, durable and seals the food and drink within to keep the contents fresh for longer. Regular plastic packaging can no longer compare and PET cups have become a more cost effective option for businesses as they require less energy and fuel consumption to manufacture and transport.

Here are the top 5 reasons why custom PET cups are a must-have for your beverage business:

1. Outstanding Business Promotion

PET plastic is clear and is therefore the perfect opportunity to promote your business with the custom printing of your logo or personalised design. Purchase clear printed PET cups from GMZ to communicate and promote your brand with customers which will boost the presence of your business with an effective marketing tool of simple yet standout branding printed of your business name and logo on your to-go cups. You can choose the ideal design for your sleek and smooth cups, whether you have a bold logo or minimalist style to promote your business with customised graphics.

Not only can customers see the content of their cups when they buy a drink in a PET cup, they will also perfectly see the advertisement of your business when the customer gets a takeaway cup which will be spread around the area during their travels. Customers will take your cups away, whether on the way to work or doing some shopping and will highlight your business to other people they pass who may not have heard of you until now. Personalised PET cups will surely provide a big boost to your business with accessible and hygienic containers for your products on offer.

2. Customisation for Shops and Other Businesses

Although custom PET cups are most commonly used for cafes, coffee shops and other businesses that are solely for food and drink premises, they are also available to be used for any kind of shop! Whether you own a beauty salon, hairdressers or show room or want to spruce up the workplace, printed PET cups are ideal for a wide range of services and businesses. You can promote your business with personalised PET cups that highlight your brand by offering your customers a drink and present them with a specialised cup that is sure to grab their attention. It may encourage customers to return and be loyal to your company with the introduction of custom PET cups that remind them of the excellent service they receive in your workplace.

The use of personalised PET cups offers a personal aspect of your brand to your customers and you may also advertise special offers and events on the printed PET cups. This will further broaden your reach and advertise different areas of your business to all customers and other people in the community who will also see the cups’ advertisements once your customers leave the premises with their takeaway cups.

3. Free Marketing

These printed PET plastic cups are affordable and much more cost-effective than other types of plastic cups. Yes, you have to first buy the cups with additional custom printing but once you have bought a considerable amount in bulk, it then works as efficient free marketing as customers will do the advertising for you. This then provides your business with more customers who have seen the cups in other customers’ hands on their travels.

With a standout logo and design on your personalised PET cups, you will discover a boost in customers from those who have acknowledged your brand whilst it was highlighted on the side of takeaway cups. Simply provide your customers with takeaway branded cups and they will do all the hard work of advertising your business for you.

4. Versatility

The best part about using custom PET cups for your business is their versatility. At GMZ, there are various different cup sizes available from small to large along with different shapes including the traditional cup and U-shaped cups to offer your business a stylish look. Suitable for a wide range of products on offer, you can boost your brand with cups that fit the design along with tight-fitting PET lids which will keep the products fresh and prevent spillages. The versatility of personalised PET cups can also be used to advertise different events such as meetings, parties and even concerts and festivals to promote your business and make the event something no one will forget.

These printed PET cups are transparent, stackable and lightweight which makes them easy to transport with reduced fuel and energy consumption and they are also durable which means that they are shatterproof and damage and wear-resistant. PET cups have become hugely popular for many businesses due to their fantastic sturdy material and versatility when it comes to custom printing.

5. Improves Engagement

Building a connection with your customers is very important if you want them to keep coming back. Using to-go cups that are custom printed with your brand logo and unique design will remind customers why they like your shop and that they should return if they like the products. Meeting friends or family or dropping by for a refill to go at a cafe or other beverage business has become a universal experience for many people and so it is vital that you offer an exceptional service along with bold printed PET cups to encourage your customers to want to come back! Communicating over a drink to go gives you a chance to engage with your customers and make them feel welcome into your space and by building this relationship you will surely see them return.

At GMZ you will find a wide range of PET plastic cups available, in the traditional cup shape or a U-shape cup that come in a variety of sizes to suit your business needs. These printed PET cups will also come with a selection of PET lids including PET flat lids, PET pop up lids and PET dome lids which perfectly fit onto the cups you choose. We also provide a customisation service which includes retail packaging, printing and labels to promote your business by adding your logo or standout design onto the transparent PET cups to boost your visibility and broaden the reach of your brand.

pet lids for personalized pet cups

GMZ produces recyclable and eco friendly custom PET cups using sustainable materials and renewable energy sources that reduces fuel and energy consumption compared to the production of regular plastic. Browse through our selection of products that are light weight, shatterproof, hygienic and durable ensuring they are the perfect PET cups for your business.

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