4 Creative Ideas for Custom Double Wall Coffee Cups in Your Café

What Are Double Wall Coffee Cups?

Double wall paper cups are made up of 2 layers of high quality food grade paper which provides extra durability and insulation for hot drinks. There is no need for a sleeve or double cupping as the double wall coffee cups are comfortable to hold without customers burning their hands when purchasing a hot drink from your café. The double wall is an effective design as it keeps the drinks insulated by keeping the heat in the cup for longer which stops hot drinks from getting cold too quickly.

Double wall coffee cups are disposable, recyclable and compostable making them much more eco-friendly than traditional plastic cups. Double paper cups are most often used for hot drinks in coffee shops such as a range of coffee orders, tea and hot chocolate due to their insulating properties and can even be customised to promote your brand and enhance communication with customers to keep them coming back for more.

4 Creative Ideas for Custom Double Wall Paper Cups

There are many reasons why custom double wall paper cups are an essential addition to your beverage business as not only do they offer premium brand promotion and effective free marketing when customers take away your cups, it also improves engagement and loyalty with your customers as they will remember your shop and return time and time again for delicious drinks. Here are some fun and creative ideas for your custom printed double wall paper cups:

For your beverage business, it is essential that you get your name and brand out there and adding your coffee shop logo to your takeaway cups will be a huge help. This means that when customers buy one of your drinks to takeaway, they are taking your logo with them wherever they go which is on your very own custom printed double wall paper cups. This will then catch the eye of other people who will wonder what your café is like and make a trip, increasing your customers.

gmz offers custom printing services on disposable paper cups
Custom printed paper cups made by GMZ

2. Slogan

Everyone loves a fun little slogan or phrase and this can be added to your custom double wall coffee cups to put a smile on your customers’ faces. A memorable slogan will help your café to stand out amongst the many in the area and tell your customers what you are about and why they should visit your coffee shop instead of another. A good slogan will be a creative tagline that is used to promote your business and customers will love to see a mood boosting message when they pop in for a coffee. You can also choose a fun phrase that is universally used for coffee lovers such as:

  • But First, Coffee
  • Expresso Yourself
  • Coffee Is Always A Good Idea
  • Keep Calm and Drink Coffee

3. Events

If your coffee shop regularly hosts or organises events or is available for external catering, it may be a good idea to purchase custom printed double wall coffee cups to advertise and promote the events. Whether it is a festival, concert, a sporting event, comedy gig, author talk or any other type of event you cater for, you can custom print your takeaway cups to highlight the event along with the date and time which will get more people talking about it and spreading the word and who will then hopefully also come to see the show.

4. Themed designs

If you want to add a little more festive cheer to your café, another creative idea for your custom printed double wallpaper cups are themed designs for different times of year. You can choose cute designs of snowflakes or reindeers for winter, flowers for spring, sun for summer and leaves for autumn which add a more personalised touch to your drinks depending on the time of year. Other themes may include books if you are a café within a bookshop, music themed designs and many more that catch the essence of your coffee shop and make customers feel at home with unique designs.

The Advantages of Double Wall Coffee Cups

There are many different types of cups available for cafés and coffee shops and you may find it overwhelming when trying to choose the most suitable options for your business. Here are the most important advantages of purchasing the custom printed double wall coffee cups:

1. Insulation

The most important factor of double wall paper cups is the insulation. The two layers of high quality food grade paper help to keep the hot drinks hotter for longer which improve the customers’ drinking experience. The double layer means that there is no need for an extra sleeve or double cupping as the customers hands are protected with a comfortable grip on the cups.

2. Eco Friendly

Although the double wall paper cups do cost slightly more than the single wall paper cups to manufacture, the extra cost is worth it for better cups suitable for hot drinks. The double wall coffee cups are also recyclable and reduces paper waste as there is no need for sleeves but they may need specialist recycling facilities depending on the double layer design.

3. Durable Material

As the cups are made of two strong layers of paper, these cups are therefore sturdier and more durable than single wall cups. The extra layer is used as protection from the heat and allows for a stronger grip on a cup that would be otherwise too hot to handle.

4. Custom Print

Double wall paper cups are the perfect base for a custom print to promote your beverage business. Whether you are advertising an event or want to simply market your coffee shop with your logo on the side of cups for all to see, there is a range of custom designs you can use to enhance your communication with customers.

The GMZ Collection

GMZ is a double wall paper cup manufacturer with a range of products available in a range of sizes from 4oz to 20oz which are ideal for different drinks you have to offer as well as the option for various portion sizes. The custom printed double wall paper cups are available in up to 8 different colours and you can choose personalised designs to advertise your café. The cups have also passed EU FCM and PFAS-free testing to achieve a brilliant range of cups perfect for your beverage business.

The double wall paper cup manufacturer GMZ also provide a selection of matching lids including PS lids, paper lids, PET lids and the completely degradable sugarcane lids which are ideal for takeaway coffee as they keep the contents of the cup contained to avoid spillages and make the drink easily accessible with a straw hole or a small sip hole.

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