What Are the Different Materials Used for Cup Lids

Like disposable cups, there are many types of cup lids. There are paper lids according to the material. Let’s take a look at what kinds of lids there are and how to choose the right cup lid.

1. PS Lids

PS plastic lids are the most common lids suitable for disposable coffee cups. Polystyrene is a recyclable plastic. Common PS cup lids are pop open and flat lids.

The drink hole part of Pop open lids has a cover to prevent drinks from spilling during takeout. When the cover is opened, it can also be used as a straw opening to insert a straw, It a wise choice for takeout drinks.

Flat lids are very similar to pop open lids, but there is no lid at the drink hole. The drinking opening is narrower than the coffee lid, only about 5mm. The mouth of the flat lids is also higher than the pop open lids. This is also to prevent the drink from being carried around. Spilled due to bumps during the process. The simple design and smooth lines make it match any paper cup design.

Another type of lid is Tearable Lids, which are similar in structure to Pop open lids. They both have a flip lid at the drink hole to prevent drinks from spilling. However, the lids of Tearable Lids are very flat and short, and the height of the lid is only about 5mm. Because of this, it goes better with smaller cups. If it goes with larger cups, its presence will be too weak.

2. PP Lids

As a type of injection molded cap, PP plastic caps are generally harder than PS caps and have more types. However, the recycling rate of PP plastic is lower, and the release of microplastics and additives during the degradation process poses a threat to the environment.

PP Lids also come in many categories, such as straw Lids. This kind of lid has a straw hole with a cross in the middle. The height of the lid is not high, usually only 5 mm. But because the straw hole is in the middle, you don’t have to worry about the drink spilling. come out. PP Lids are more suitable for PP plastic cups, which are more harmonious to match. Of course, they can also be paired with paper cups, and are generally used more with cold drink cups.

3. PET Lids

PET plastic lids are the first choice for matching PET plastic cups and cold drink cups. The transparent material and the small water droplets condensed by cold drinks always give us a cool feeling. The lids are relatively light and the price is low. They are the best choice in many cold drink shops. First choice. And PET is a recyclable plastic with the highest recycling rate among plastic products.

PET lids flat lids, dome lids and Streamless Lids. Flat lids are just like the straw lids we introduced before, with a cross-shaped straw hole in the middle of the lid. Dome lid is an arched lid, generally used for drinks with cream topping or ice cream topping. Dome lids can perfectly display the attractive cream topping. Streamless Lids have only one drink hole, but the lid is relatively high to prevent drinks from spilling.

4. Paper Lids

As people’s awareness of environmental protection increases, more and more people are starting to use paper covers. Paper lids generally use paper as the raw material. They are extruded and plasticized by a machine to obtain the size that fits the cup. The inside of the lid is coated with PE or PLA, which is similar to the structure of the paper cup. Compared with plastic lids, the paper lid must be correct. The environment is much friendly.

Of course, there are many types of paper lids, such as flat lids, which are about 5mm in height and only have a drink hole on the edge of the lid. The simple design and environmentally friendly materials have won the favor of many customers.

There are also high lids. The lid is shaped like a two-layer cake. The lower layer is mainly used to hold the cup. The upper layer also has only one drink hole, but the height of the lid is about 4cm. This kind of lid adds some characteristics to the overall shape of the cup.

5. Bagasse lid

This is a product made from sugarcane bagasse, which is a natural fiber product that can biodegrade within 30-90 days. When bagasse products degrade, they provide natural ingredients back to the environment because they are made from natural, organic and renewable materials. Made from recycled materials. It is a perfect substitute for plastic products. The texture of bagasse Lid is also the best among all cup lids. If you are pursuing texture, then it is the best choice.

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