8 Must-Know Facts About Kraft Double Wall Coffee Cups

What are Double Wall Kraft Cups?

Kraft is a specialist type of cardboard paper that can be used as a layer on double wall paper cups as it is stronger and more durable than traditional paper. Kraft is made from organic material and is biodegradable making it eco-friendly, recyclable and compostable. It is now commonly used in the manufacturing process of double wall paper cups to create a sturdy product that is popularly sought after in cafes and coffee shops for takeaway drinks such as coffee, tea and even soup.

The double wall kraft cups offer better insulation than single wall cups as there is a thin air layer between the two layers of paper. This acts as ‘double glazing’ and keeps the heat in the cups to make the contents stay hot for longer. This means customers no longer require a sleeve or double cupping as the cups are not too hot to the touch and can be held comfortably.

The extra layer of paper also makes the kraft double wall coffee cups stronger and less flimsy making them an ideal product for your beverage business. The kraft double wall coffee cups are produced with minimum chemicals and will come in the natural colour of brown but they can also be bleached to create white cups.

Here are 8 must-know facts about double wall paper cups:

1. Perfect For Hot Drinks

The insulating property of the double wall kraft cups makes them a vital addition to your coffee shop if you offer a large menu of hot drinks. From coffee and tea to espressos and soup, the cups contain the heat to keep the drinks hotter for longer. This is ideal for takeaway customers as they can take their time drinking without worrying about their coffee getting cold. This also means customers do not need a sleeve to protect their hands as the cups are perfectly insulated keeping the heat within.

2. A Very Durable Type of Cup

Compared to the single wall paper cups, the kraft double wall coffee cups are much more robust and durable due to the extra layer of paper. This means that the product within is more protected and some double wall paper cups may also have a tear resistant coating on the outer layer to further prevent any damage. The extra weight does mean they are slightly more expensive to manufacture and transport, but the durability outweighs the cost when customers are much happier with the strength of the product.

3. A High Quality Container

The kraft double wall coffee cup are seen as a premium takeaway cup of a higher quality due to the double layer that strengthens the cups. If you’re looking to boost your business and catch the attention of bigger corporate markets, these luxurious cups will make a good impression on the customers who are impressed with the quality and durability of the cups and will then keep coming back for more drinks. The double wall kraft cups can also be bought with matching, tight fitting lids of the same sizes made from PS lids, paper lids or sugarcane lids with straw holes or sip holes which help to avoid spillages and keep your drinks fresh.

4. The Cups Are Eco Friendly, Recyclable and Compostable

The kraft paper is made from organic materials which are unbleached for minimum chemical treatments to create a pulp made of long virgin maritime pine fibres that are completely biodegradable, recyclable and compostable. If disposed of correctly, the paper will break down in just a few weeks into cellulose fibres and can be completely absorbed by the environment naturally without causing any damage.

The degraded kraft paper will also add carbon to the soil making it compostable and enriching for the soil. Kraft paper can also be recycled and reused multiple times to create packaging and constantly reduce paper waste in society, making it a sustainable product to use for your business.

5. Custom Printing Is Available

A major benefit of the kraft double wall coffee cups is that you are able to purchase custom printed cups which will promote your business and broaden your reach amongst old and new customers. Adding your logo to personalise your cups is a great idea for your business as it will get customers taking about your products and will also provide free marketing when customers leave your shop with a takeaway cup in hand. You should use a standout logo and colours to catch the eyes of passersby who will then be interested in visiting your cafe.

6. Drink Safe

The kraft double wall coffee cups available at GMZ are sustainable and safe to drink from. The cups are made from the highest quality food grade paper, are PFAS free (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) certified and have also passed the EU FCM test (Food Contact Materials). If requested, we can also print the batch code on the bottom of the cups to be able to trace the manufacturing process of the cups to provide our clients with more reassurance on the quality of our products.

7. Variety of Sizes Available

The kraft double wall coffee cups are available at GMZ in a variety of sizes from 4oz to 20oz to make them more accessible for the range of different drinks on offer in coffee shops. From the small espressos to the large coffees and everything in between, the double wall kraft cups are suitable for a large selection of drinks. This helps to reduce waste and allows for the right cup sizes to be used depending on the customer’s choice of drink. The lids also come in various sizes to fit to every cup available.

8. Natural Unbleached Brown Paper Cups

The kraft paper used to create the double wall paper cups is made from wood pulp which is a renewable resource that is much more sustainable than other types of plastic packaging. The kraft double wall coffee cups are available in their natural brown colour as they are unbleached during the manufacturing process. This means the process uses less resources and water to be produced than white paper cups that require bleaching to achieve their white colour. This is another reason why these kraft cups are more eco friendly for your business and their natural brown colour is a standout choice, especially when paired with your logo or unique design to further promote your coffee shop.

Why Should You Use Double Wall Paper Cups?

There are many benefits that come with using double wall kraft cups for both you and your customers. They are eco friendly, made from renewable materials and they offer amazing insulation to keep hot drinks hot for longer periods of time to increase the satisfaction of your customers. These cups also offer premium brand promotion for your coffee shop and customers will provide effective free marketing when they purchase takeaway drinks.

Advertising takeaway drinks also builds a client base with the busier customers who don’t have time to stop and sit down and these reliable and sturdy double wall kraft cups come with matching lids to reduce spillages and contain the contents while on the move.

Our Collection

Here at GMZ, we provide a wide range of products for your beverage business including the double wall kraft cups that are made from high quality food grade paper and have Passed EU FCM and PFAS-free testing to ensure customers receive only the highest standard of product. The kraft double wall paper cups are available in a range of sizes from 4oz to 20oz with accompanying lids of the same sizes. The cups can also be custom printed in up to 8 different colours to advertise your coffee shop logo and promote your business when customers take away their drinks.

gmz offers custom printing services on disposable paper cups
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