A quick guide on standard coffee cup sizes in oz & ml

Understanding the different coffee cup sizes can greatly improve the customer experience in your cafe or coffee shop. Choosing the right size for each type of coffee ensures proper portion control and boosts customer satisfaction. This guide will help you understand standard coffee cup sizes in oz and ml, and the paper cup size for each coffee type, as well as how you can customize them to create unique and branded coffee cups that make your business stand out.

Standard Coffee Cup Sizes

Standard coffee cup sizes vary by region and purpose. However, having a general guide to some common sizes in both ounces (oz) and milliliters (ml) typically used in cafes and coffee shops can be immensely helpful. Below is a table that provides an overview of these standard sizes:

Coffee TypeSize in ozSize in ml
Espresso (Shot)1 oz30 ml
Macchiato2 oz60 ml
Cortado4 oz118 ml
Piccolo Latte3 oz90 ml
Flat White5 oz150 ml
Cappuccino6 oz180 ml
Latte8 oz240 ml
Mocha12 oz355 ml
Americano12 oz355 ml

Paper Cup Sizes for Different Types of Coffee

Now that you’ve learned about standard coffee cup sizes, let’s delve into the paper cup sizes that are typically used for different types of coffee. Understanding this will help you choose the right cup size for each type of coffee you serve, for better portion control and customer satisfaction.

TypeSize in ozSize in mlTypical Coffee Served
Small8 oz240 mlEspresso-based drinks, Americano, single cappuccino
Medium12 oz355 mlLatte, cappuccino, flat white, mocha
Large16 oz475 mlLarge latte, iced coffee, cold brew
Extra Large20 oz590 mlLarge iced beverages, cold brew, drip coffee

Custom Paper Coffee Cups

There are also times when you can’t find a suitable disposable coffee cup size or style for your menu. This is when custom coffee cups come in. Paper cup manufacturers like GMZ offer custom solutions including:

custom printed coffee cups
Customized disposable coffee cups produced by GMZ

Custom Mold

A custom mold allows you to create paper coffee cups in unique shapes and sizes that are not available in standard offerings. This can be especially useful if you want your coffee cups to stand out or if you need a specific size that fits your menu items perfectly. Contact GMZ with your idea, and we’ll create your custom coffee cups exactly as you request.

Custom Packaging

Custom packaging involves designing the materials that encase your coffee cups, such as sleeves, boxes, labels, shrinkable film, and more. This allows you to create fully branded disposable coffee cups that are perfect for retail.

Custom Printing

Custom printing refers to the ability to print your own designs, logos, and messages directly onto coffee cups. We have the equipment, expertise, and experience in printing on coffee cups with the finest details. Just submit your design file to us, and we will print your logo and designs on your custom paper coffee cups.

Wrap Up

To sum it up, custom disposable coffee cups allow you to create unique cup sizes, designs, and branding that perfectly align with your business needs and aesthetic preferences. It’s an excellent way to reinforce your brand identity and make your brand easily recognizable. With custom printing, you can create a professional and attractive appearance that resonates with your customers, making your coffee cups not just functional but also a marketing tool.

Start Customizing!

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