Disposable Paper Cups with Lids: 10 Reasons Why They’re Essential for To-Go Orders

Disposable Paper Cups with Lids: 10 Reasons Why They're Essential for To-Go Orders

With the increasing demand of takeout orders today, especially via online apps like DoorDash and Uber Eats, it’s getting more and more essential for the food and beverage sellers to handle their to-go orders properly. One best way for them to do that is by using disposable paper cups with lids, which can help them package their drinks better for their takeout orders.

Takeaway cups & lids have plenty of advantages that can help improve your food and beverage business, especially in today’s online market. Here are the reasons why disposable paper cups with lids are essential for to-go orders:

1. Convenience

Convenience is the first reason that makes disposable cups with lids essential for takeaway or to-go orders. Food and beverage sellers can provide the best and most convenient way for customers to enjoy the drinks that they sell by using the disposable paper cups with lids. Also, it’s easier to transport these drinks from place to place with the addition of the lids on the disposable paper cups. The lids will help prevent spilling of their drinks during transport.

Another convenience factor is that you can just crumple the paper cups and throw them away to the nearest trash can after finishing your drink. You can also bring your drink anywhere you go.

2. Cheap to Purchase

For sellers of coffee and other beverages, providing disposable paper cups with lids for the customers will not be an expensive investment for them. In fact, paper cups with lids are pretty cheap to buy in various places, especially online. You can even order custom paper cups with lids in bulk for cheap.

What does the cheap price of disposable paper cups mean for your business? It means you don’t need to offer a high price for your drinks or beverages just because of your investment in the disposable paper cups with covers. It won’t affect your overall price for the drinks too much.

3. Improve Your Branding

Disposable paper cups with lids can also help increase your branding and attract more customers to your business. For instance, when you use custom-printed paper cups with lids, you can put your brand name in each paper cup your customers get. Then, they will go to different places while bringing your brand with them.

Think of it like Starbucks with their strong branding strategy. Each cup of drink will carry the Starbucks branding that will in turn help make their brand go bigger over time. It’s the same with your business. By using disposable paper cups with covers, you can also introduce and promote your business brand with each cup of drink you sell to your customers.

4. Biodegradable Material

Most disposable paper cups with lids are produced with biodegradable materials. These materials are safe for the environment. So, you don’t need to worry about these paper cups polluting the environment in the long run. This is unlike plastic cups that can cause heavy pollution and are not very safe for the environment.

By using biodegradable materials, paper cups with lids are also safe to use as a food or drink container. It will easily disintegrate as a waste material. You can also burn these disposable cups when you need to dispose of them.

5. Stylish Look

Don’t forget that disposable paper cups with lids can be very stylish to bring in your walk around the park. The more popular the brand, the more stylish it will be when you carry the paper cup drink with you outside. The style factor of the disposable paper cups with lids is something that business owners should consider when using them.

There are various styles you can choose for your brand’s custom paper cups with lids. There are also various color options that you can choose for the disposable paper cups. Pick the combination that matches best with your business brand. This way, you can add more style to each drink you serve using the disposable paper cups.

6. Better Hygiene

With disposable paper cups, you don’t need to worry about cleaning the cup every time you serve the drink to your customers. You just use the disposable paper cup once and throw it away after you are done with it. No cleaning is necessary and no need for it to get used by multiple people. Only one drink per customer.

It makes each drink you serve with disposable paper cups more hygienic, aside from it being refreshing and delicious for your customers.

7. Easy to Recycle

Disposable paper cups with lids are made from paper-based materials. So, these disposable paper cups will be very easy to recycle should you need to do it. The papers are environmentally friendly. The waste will also be very easy to handle. Recycling the disposable paper cups will also be very smooth to do, with no issues you need to worry.

If you are concerned about the environment, using disposable paper cups with covers will be much better than using plastic cups for your business. Plastic materials will be very difficult to handle when they become waste materials. Recycling plastic materials from the plastic cups will also be more challenging to do.

8. Prevention from Health Risks

Because of the hygienic component of the paper materials in the disposable paper cups with lids, it can help prevent various health risks that might happen. Using plastic cups might pose more health risks for you because of the dangerous plastic materials that might cause cancer in some instances. You might expose yourself to some dangerous health risks, unless the plastic material is BPA-free.

Even so, many plastic cups that are available today are still not BPA-free, meaning that they might still contaminate the drink you serve to your customers. Thus, using the paper cups with lids can help prevent various health risks that your customers might need to face when consuming your drinks.

9. Prevention from Environmental Pollution

Also, you can rely on disposable paper cups with lids to help prevent various types of environmental pollution. Its eco-friendly paper materials will help you participate in the go-green movement for the environment. Unlike plastic materials that will pollute the environment because of their difficult-to-degrade components, paper cups will just do the opposite.

To put it simply, paper cups with lids are quite harmless for the environment. They will degrade easily when in contact with the ground. It helps you build a healthier environment for the world.

10. Easier Preparation for the Customers

Taking care of the go-to orders in your restaurant business needs to be done fast and efficiently. By using disposable paper cups, you can prepare all kinds of drinks with ease for your customers. You can do it fast with disposable paper cups. No need to clean the cups or glasses first before you prepare the drinks ordered by your customers.

With the fast serving of various drinks using takeaway cups with lids, your customers can get their orders served as soon as possible. It can also help improve your overall customer satisfaction and make your business flourish even more.

Disposable Paper Cups & Lids Supplier – GMZ

Adding to the numerous advantages of using disposable paper cups with lids for takeout orders, it’s crucial to highlight the role of a reliable supplier. GMZ emerges as a noteworthy supplier in this domain, offering a range of high-quality disposable cups and lids that can significantly benefit your business. Here are some key aspects of GMZ’s offerings:

Wide Range of Paper Cups: GMZ provides a diverse selection of disposable paper cups, from cost-effective options like single wall paper cups, to more insulated ones like double wall and ripple wall paper cups. They also have double PE-coated paper cups designed to prevent leakage and ensure integrity with cold drinks. These cups are available in various sizes, suitable for different beverage types from small espresso shots to large cold drinks. Whether you’re looking for different sizes, styles, or custom designs, GMZ has an extensive catalogue to choose from.

Matching Disposable Cup Lids: All of their paper cups can be paired with matching cup lids, such as PET lids, PS lids, paper lids, and sugarcane Lids. These cup lids are provided in various sizes and styles to provide a perfect seal for your disposable cups.

  • PS Lids: Popular for coffee cups, known for their affordability and versatility.
  • PET Lids: Ideal for cold drinks, available in various models to match all GMZ PET cups.
  • Paper Lids: Eco-friendly, available in different shapes, sizes, and coatings including PE, double PE, and PLA.
  • Sugarcane Lids: Made from completely degradable plant materials, sought after by eco-conscious customers.

Customization Options: Branding is at the core of beverage marketing and GMZ offers custom printed paper cups with 3D rendering effects. It allows businesses to print their logos or any specific designs on the cups, enhancing brand visibility and recognition. For double-layer cups like double wall cup and ripple wall cups, they can even choose to have white or kraft paper for the outer layer of printing.

Quality Assurance: Quality is a top priority for GMZ. They ensure that their products are made from high-grade materials, are PFAS-free, and rigorously tested for food contact safety. They will conduct daily integrity and leakage tests with piping hot coffee, ensuring every cup and lid upholds the highest quality.


Disposable paper cups with lids should become an essential part of your food and beverages business. Nowadays, the amount of takeout orders that your customers are making every day are increasing rapidly. You will need to provide the best packaging for your drinks. Disposable paper cups with covers will be a perfect solution to provide the best way for your customers to enjoy your drinks on the go.

All the advantages of paper cups with lids can help increase your business revenue over time. If you haven’t used it, today is the best day for you to start revolutionizing your food and beverages business and grow it further by starting to use disposable paper cups with lids.

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