Are you looking for a more environmentally friendly disposable paper coffee cup?

Global warming, biodiversity loss, air pollution, ocean pollution, etc. have made people aware of the urgent need for environmental protection. More and more environmentally friendly materials have also appeared one after another. Are you looking for a more environmentally friendly disposable paper coffee cup? Yes, our paper cup industry has also begun to develop and use more environmentally friendly materials, such as PLA coating and Plastic-free coating.

1..What Are Eco-Friendly Paper Cup Coatings?

PLA Coating

PLA, also known as polylactic acid, is a plastic made from plant starch. Unlike traditional plastics, its source is renewable resources such as corn starch, which also makes it biodegradable. Most conventional plastics come from the distillation polymerization of non-renewable petroleum and natural gas. And plastics derived from biomass (such as PLA) are called “bioplastics”. As a biodegradable plastic, PLA is widely used in daily necessities such as disposable packaging bags and cups.

The PLA coating on the disposable coffee cup provides an additional layer of protection, making it resistant to water and oil, which is ideal for hot drinks. The coating also acts as a barrier, preventing the transfer of any unwanted flavors or odors to your coffee or tea.

Although PLA paper cups are a revolutionary innovation and more environmentally friendly than traditional PE-coated paper cups. In fact, PLA can only degrade under the environmental conditions of industrial composting or anaerobic digestion, and in the general natural environment It is difficult to degrade, and studies have proven that PLA hardly degrades in the marine environment. So a more environmentally friendly paper cup appeared, that is, plastic-free coating paper cup

Plastic-free Coating

Plastic-free coated paper cup uses a green and environmentally friendly plastic-free coating to coat the surface of the paper. The coating has high barrier properties, can reduce the adhesion of water on the paper surface, and is highly hydrophobic. The coating and the coated surface can adhere to each other at a specific temperature, which can replace coated paper or plastic film. It can be used in disposable packaging and can be used in automatic packaging machines such as pillow packaging machines; in addition to being waterproof, plastic-free coated paper can also be oil-proof, and the oil-proof level can reach level 8. The plastic-free coating paper coating does not contain plastic components and is degradable. It can be directly beaten to make paper after recycling. The fiber can be recycled. It is truly green, environmentally friendly and economical.

2. Why use environmentally friendly disposable paper cups?

As daily consumer goods, paper cups are widely used in coffee, tea, and juice. According to statistics, the annual consumption of disposable paper cups exceeds 250 billion. The impact this has on our environment is huge. This is why we choose more environmentally friendly materials to produce paper cups.

Choosing PLA or plastic-free coating paper cups can help protect the balance of the ecosystem. Traditional plastic products will enter the soil, waters and animals, causing huge pollution to the ecosystem. PLA materials and plastic-free coating products use degradable materials, which will decompose quickly once they enter nature and will not have a lasting impact on the environment and organisms.

Of course, choosing environmentally friendly cups also requires us to strengthen the cultivation and promotion of environmental awareness. Only when everyone realizes the importance of using these environmentally friendly products and takes active actions can we better protect our common home planet.

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