How to Choose the Best Paper Cups Manufacturer

If you own a café of coffee shop, the addition of disposable paper cups has become an essential product for your business as they offer many benefits for both you and your customers. Paper cups are hugely popular as they are eco-friendly, recyclable and durable which provides a convenient and effective cup perfect for takeaway drinks.

However, there are now many paper cup manufacturers advertised and there are certain factors you should consider before you make the important decision on which is the right paper cup factory for you. Here is our helpful guide to ensure you choose the best paper cups manufacturer for your beverage business.

What You Should Consider About the Paper Cups Manufacturer

1. Quality

The quality of the paper cups are the most important thing to consider as you want to make sure the paper cups you buy are made of the highest quality food grade paper and are strong enough to hold all of the drinks on your menu. The quality will also reflect well on your customers who will appreciate sturdy cups and will keep coming back time and time again if they enjoy your service.

2. Variety

The best paper cups manufacturers will advertise a wide range of products to suit all of your beverage needs. There are single wall paper cups available which are suitable for hot and cold drinks, double wall paper cups which offer insulation to keep the drinks hotter for longer and ripple wall paper cups which offer the best insulation and a textured grip for a premium customer experience. There should also be an array of lids available at the paper cup factory which is ideal to contain the drinks and prevent spills.

3. Reputation

The reputation of the paper cups manufacturer is also important as you want to make sure that they are known to provide an excellent customer service along with professional products. You can read through the reviews left by previous clients and also browse their website to find out the materials used and if they have any certifications that proves the quality of their products.

4. Drink Safety

It is vital that the materials used when producing the paper cups are safe to drink from. The paper cups must be compliant with the EU FCM (Food Contact Materials) and must pass the PFAS free test (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances). This ensures that the products you purchase are drink contact safe and that the paper cups are ideal to use for your coffee shop.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Many beverage businesses are now trying to become more eco friendly with each step they take and buying eco friendly paper cups is a huge help for the environment. These paper cups are recyclable and biodegradable as they are often made from tree pulp and other renewable materials that can be reused over and over again. This reduces your plastic and paper waste and makes you more appealing to customers who also want to help the environment and avoid contributing to more pollution.

6. Cost

Check out the cost of the paper cups before you buy. The different types of cup will vary in price depending on the amount of layers and if there is any PLA or PE coating also added to further protect the cups. The price of the paper cups manufacturer may also differ depending on the materials used and if you buy in bulk. Always keep an eye out on changing prices as this can mean a change in material or quality.

7. Custom Printing

The best paper cups manufacturers will also offer custom printing for your purchased paper cups. This is an ideal option as you are able to have your coffee shop logo or unique design printed on the side of your cups which provides extra marketing for your business. Takeaway customers will travel the local area with your cup in hand and potentially attract new customers to visit your café. This not only promotes your business but also broadens your reach and enhances the communication with your customers.

Why You Should Use Paper Cups for Your Café

There are many different types of cups available for use in coffee shops but over recent years there has been a big push for businesses to be more eco friendly and choose paper cups that have become more popular due to their environmental benefits. There are many reasons why you should purchase from a paper cup factory instead of buying plastic cups.

1. Reduces Plastic Waste

Choosing paper cups will effectively reduce your plastic packaging waste as a business and will make you look more appealing to customers who also want to play their own part in helping the environment. So much plastic is taken to landfill every year but if you start using paper cups, these can then be recycled and reused which is much better for the environment.

2. Range of Sizes

The best paper cups manufacturer will advertise a wide range of paper cups that are available in a selection of sizes from 4oz to 22oz. This means there is a perfectly sized cup for all of the different drinks on offer in your café from small espressos to large coffees and milkshakes.

3. Lightweight and Durable

The paper cups are lightweight and stackable which makes them easy to transport and also reduces the fuel and energy consumption during manufacturing and travel. The cups are also made from a damage resistant, durable material which strengthens the cups and provides a comfortable grip for customers to enjoy their drink on the go.

The Types of Paper Cups Available

Single Wall Paper Cups

These paper cups are made from one layer of high quality food grade paper and are suitable for hot and cold beverages. They are disposable, compostable and fully recyclable but may require a sleeve or double cupping to protect the customer’s hands from the heat.

Double Wall Paper Cups

The double wall paper cups are ideal for hot drinks as they are made from two layers of food grade paper which creates a thin air pocket to insulate the cups and keep the contents hot for longer. They are also recyclable and compostable and the extra layer makes the cups stronger and more durable.

Ripple Wall Paper Cups

Ripple wall paper cups offer a uniquely textured design made from two layers of food grade paper which provides the best insulation properties for hot drinks. The outer layer is corrugated to give customers a more comfortable grip and these cups are considered a premium choice for cafés.

Plastic Free Paper Cups

This is a new packaging material technology that uses no plastic at all to create plastic free paper cups that are fully recyclable and degradable. The PLA or PE coating is removed and replaced with an aqueous coating made from raw materials that is water and grease resistant to create paper cups that are durable and leak resistant without the need for a plastic lining.

PLA-Coated Paper Cups

PLA-coated paper cups are eco-friendly as they are made from paper lined with PLA (polylactic acid). PLA is a biodegradable and compostable material derived from renewable resources like corn starch or sugar cane. This coating makes the cups waterproof and suitable for holding liquids, including hot beverages. PLA-coated paper cups are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic-lined paper cups, as they reduce reliance on fossil fuels and are better for the environment in terms of disposal and degradation.

Double PE-Coated Paper Cups

Double PE paper cups are a type of disposable cup made from paper that has been coated on both the inside and outside with polyethylene (PE). This double layer of PE coating provides improved insulation and moisture resistance, making these cups suitable for both hot and cold beverages. The PE layer helps to prevent the paper from becoming soggy or weak when in contact with liquids. While these cups offer practical benefits for beverage service, their environmental impact is a consideration, as the PE coating can make them more challenging to recycle compared to cups with a single PE layer or alternative coatings like PLA.

GMZ Collection

Here at GMZ, there are many products available that are ideal for your coffee shop. This paper cups manufacturer advertises a wide range of single wall paper cups, double wall paper cups, plastic free paper cups, ripple wall paper cups and PLA and PE coated paper cups along with PET plastic cups that can all be used for a selection of amazing hot and cold drinks. These paper cups are recyclable, degradable and compostable and are available in a wide variety of sizes from 4oz to 22oz to ensure there is a suitably sized cup for all your drinks on offer.

This paper cups factory prides itself on producing eco friendly products using sustainable materials that provide an excellent service for your beverage business and your customers. All paper cups can be purchased alongside matching, tight fitting lids such as paper lids, PS lids and sugarcane lids and the batch code can also be printed on the bottom of the cups if required to track the manufacturing process for quality control. GMZ also provides custom printing in which you can request your café logo to be printed on the cups for professional and standout paper cups that will boost your business.

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