What is the Best Disposable Cup for Cold Drinks?

best disposable cup for cold drinks

Plastic and paper cups are an essential part of many beverage businesses that serve cold drinks to their customers. These cups need to be disposable which are ideal for takeaway drinks which customers can enjoy on the go. There are a few different types of cups that are perfect for cold drinks including disposable PE-coated paper cold cups and PET plastic cold cups, but which ones are the best for your business? Here we will provide you with all of the necessary information to help you decide which type of disposable cold cups you should use for your beverage business.

PET Cups

PET stands for Polyethylene terephthalate used in food and drink packaging for its production of clear and lightweight containers. When the plastic is heated it can be moulded into various shapes including traditional cups and U shaped cups found at GMZ. The completed product is of a strong material with a clear, gloss finish that is perfect for personalised branding that protects and seals the food and drinks within to keep the contents fresh. PET plastic is a durable material that is shatterproof and more cost-effective for businesses compared to normal plastic cups which require a lot more energy and fuel consumption to produce.

Benefits of Using PET Plastic Cups

1. Recyclable / Eco Friendly

PET cold cups are a popular option for businesses as they are the most recycled type of plastic which can be reused over and over again. This also makes PET more eco-friendly as it uses renewable energy sources, requires less energy and fuel consumption during production and the lightweight material reduces carbon emissions during transport which will effectively reduce your carbon footprint.

2. Various Sizes

The PET cold cups available at GMZ come in a wide range of sizes in either a traditional cup shape or a U shape and will also come with tight fitting lids suited to every size and shape which keep the products fresh and reduces spillages. The range of sizes available is ideal for different types of drinks on offer as they can make the drinks standout and customers can also see the contents of the cup with the clear material.

3. Business Promotion

Another advantage of PET cold cups is that the clear material is ideal for premium brand promotion. Here at GMZ, we offer a customisation package in which you can personalise your cups with your business name and logo to boost the presence of your brand. Choose from a bold and colourful design or a minimalist style with customised graphics to broaden the reach of your business by getting your disposable cold cups into the hands of customers who will then take away their drink and promote the business for you. Disposable PET plastic cups are hygienic, accessible and easy to customise and are certainly a perfect addition to your beverage business.

Paper Cups

Paper cold cups are another popular alternative that businesses use for their products. Most often, paper cups are simply made from paper and possibly recycled materials and will sometimes include a coated lining such as plastic or wax to seal and strengthen the cup and to avoid the liquid leaking or soaking through the cup. Paper cups are also recyclable and are made from recycled materials which reduce the energy consumption throughout manufacturing.

Benefits of Using Disposable Paper Cups

1. Variety of Sizes and Coatings

There are different types of paper cups with different coatings available on GMZ and it is up to you which ones to choose for your business. The double PE coated paper cold cups and vending paper cups are suitable for cold drinks and you can also find plastic free paper cups, PLA coated paper cups and single wall, double wall and ripple wall cups which are more suitable for hot drinks due to their insulating properties. These disposable paper cups come in a variety of sizes from 1oz to 22oz along with a range of paper lids, PS lids and sugarcane lids to contain the drinks.

2. Eco Friendly and Hygienic

Paper cups became popular in 1918 during the flu epidemic in America where thousands of people used paper cups to avoid infection from spreading as they promoted hygiene with the ability to dispose of immediately after use (source). Paper cups are now eco-friendly as they are produced using disposable materials which are easily recycled to be used over and over again. The paper is also compostable and this doesn’t harm the environment in any way. Paper cold cups are biodegradable and will break down quickly as they are a clean product made from trees which does not contain any toxic matter.

3. Safer and Lightweight

The use of paper cups for drink beverages can be safer than traditional plastic cups as the paper does not react chemically to the drink within. The paper cups are also a lightweight product which is beneficial for take away drinks for customers. Using paper cups will cause a reduction of carbon emissions during transportation which also lowers your carbon footprint. Both paper and PET plastic cups are stackable which reduces the amount of storage needed for businesses making these cups provided by GMZ perfect for your beverage business.

4. Business Promotion

These paper cold cups may not be transparent but they are available in the classic white design or you can choose the customised printing offered by GMZ to promote your business with a logo design. Choosing customised paper cold cups will be a big boost for your beverage business as customers will take away your products in these cups to further broaden the reach of your brand.

There is a large variety of paper cold cups available for businesses, whether you prefer the classic paper cups or cups with a specialist coating applied to further improve the cups’ stability and protect the product within.

PET Cups or Paper Cups?

Both of the PET plastic cups and paper cups will be an excellent choice for your business. They are both 100% recyclable meaning they are eco friendly and which reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfill, although paper cups are also biodegradable which is a big plus for the environment.

Paper and plastic disposable cups are also much more cost effective and if you buy in bulk, you save a lot of money in the long run. Disposable cold cups have become extremely popular as they are lightweight and easily transportable and your customers are able to take their drink with them on the go.

You may think that paper cups are the best option for the environment due to their biodegradability but it has been proven that PET plastic cups actually use less energy consumption during manufacture meaning it has a smaller carbon footprint (source)!

However, the right option ultimately depends on individual choice. Plastic cups have a lower carbon footprint but higher waste and pollution, whereas paper cups may have a slightly higher carbon footprint but biodegrades quickly which is good for the environment. Both options are recyclable and will boost your business if you choose either of these eco friendly products that can be found on GMZ.

Browse through the extensive range of professional paper cold cups on GMZ including double PE coated, PLA coated and plastic free paper cups as well as the PET plastic cups in the traditional shape or U shape and choose the perfect options to suit your business. Transform your beverage business with the right cups that also have your logo printed on the container to promote your brand and broaden your reach for even more custom!

FeaturePET Plastic CupsPaper Cups
Material SourceMade from Polyethylene Terephthalate, a type of plasticMade from paper, often with a plastic or PLA lining
Recyclability100% recyclable100% recyclable, but the lining may affect recyclability
BiodegradabilityNot biodegradableBiodegradable, especially if PLA coated
Environmental ImpactLower energy consumption during manufacturing, smaller carbon footprint but higher waste and pollutionSlightly higher carbon footprint but quickly biodegrades, reducing landfill waste
Cost-EffectivenessCost-effective, especially when bought in bulkSimilarly cost-effective when purchased in bulk
UsageIdeal for cold beveragesSuitable for both hot and cold beverages, depending on the coating
DurabilityStrong and durable for cold drinksVaries depending on coating; generally good for single use
Transportation & StorageLightweight and easy to transportSimilarly lightweight and transportable
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