How to Choose the Right Paper Bowl Sizes: A Quick Guide

Paper bowls have become a popular addition for many food businesses as they are disposable, recyclable and very convenient for both you and your customers. Whether you offer a takeaway service or cater for large events, there is a range of options with different paper bowl sizes that come with tight-fitting paper, PP, or PET lids to contain your food and provide customers with a fantastic experience. The paper bowls are a much more sustainable option than plastic bowls and are perfect for single use as they are completely food-safe and durable to protect the food. Choose the right paper bowl sizes for your business’s needs depending on the food you serve and the portion sizes you offer.

What is a Paper Bowl?

 A paper bowl is a food container that can be used for both indoor and outdoor settings to present customers with the food they ordered for sit-ins and takeouts. It is made from the renewable resources of wood pulp which effectively reduces plastic waste and means the paper bowls are recyclable and biodegradable. The paper bowls cost less energy and fuel consumption than plastic to manufacture and transport which means this is an eco-friendly alternative. These paper bowls are suitable for wet and dry food as well as hot and cold food as they have a wax or PP or PE plastic lining which protects the material from heat and moisture and strengthens the bowls by preventing leaks and stopping the containers from deteriorating.

There is a wide range of paper bowl sizes available to cater to all the different food options on your menu. From small paper bowls which are perfect for starters, ice cream and fruit to large paper bowls which are essential for main courses such as chili, pasta, curry and so much more. The different sizes on offer are also ideal for various portion sizes including child, medium and large portions. The paper bowls have now become a hugely popular addition for many food businesses due to their lightweight and eco-friendly properties.

Paper Bowl Sizes Explained

If your food business offers a wide range of items on your menu, it may be highly beneficial to start using a selection of paper bowl sizes to improve your customer experience. It may be a good idea to consider different portion sizes for your meals at different prices which will encourage customers to buy the most suitable portion for them which will also reduce food waste too. Next is a detailed table explaining different bowl sizes and their uses.

Bowl Size (ml)Diameter (mm)Height (mm)Base Diameter (mm)Recommended Food Portions or Types
500ml15045128Soups, ice cream, small salads
750ml15060128Medium salads, pasta dishes, grain bowls
1000ml15075128Large salads, stews, family-sized desserts
1100ml16570144Hearty servings of noodles, rice dishes
1300ml18565160Bulk servings, party snacks, large salads
paper bowl sizes - gmz
GMZ’s paper bowl sizes

Tips on Choosing the Right Paper Bowl Size

  1. Analyze Your Offerings: Break down your menu items by portion size and type. Soups and stews might require deeper bowls, whereas salads could be served in wider, shallower bowls. Knowing what goes into each bowl helps in selecting the right sizes.
  2. Popular Dishes First: Start by choosing bowl sizes that accommodate your best-selling items perfectly. Ensure these bowls enhance the presentation of these popular dishes.
  3. Portion Variety: Offer multiple portion sizes for your most popular dishes. For instance, small (500ml), medium (750ml), and large (1000ml) options cater to different appetites and can help in attracting a broader customer base.
  4. Feedback Loop: Use customer feedback to adjust if certain meals feel too large or too small. Customers appreciate having exactly the right amount of food, which also helps in reducing waste.
  5. Bulk Buy: Once you’ve determined the most useful sizes, buy paper bowls in bulk to reduce costs. Consider negotiating with suppliers for better rates based on your volume of purchase.
  6. Standardize When Possible: Limiting the variety of bowl sizes can streamline operations and reduce overhead costs in terms of inventory management and storage.
  7. Lid Compatibility: If offering takeaway, ensure the lids fit snugly with the corresponding bowl sizes. A tight fit prevents spills and maintains food quality during transport.

The Benefits of Disposable Paper Bowls

The paper bowls are available in an array of sizes to accommodate to the different needs of your menu and your customers. They provide many benefits for your food business.

1. Versatility

The main benefit of different paper bowl sizes is how versatile the bowls are. The different sizes are suitable for a range of different items on your menu from ice cream and soup in the small paper bowls to main course meals such as pasta and salads in the large paper bowls. Depending on the type of food you offer, you should choose the right-sized paper bowls for your restaurant that cater to the needs of your menu for a style that will really impress your customers.

2. Portion sizes

Another huge benefit of the different paper bowl sizes is that it helps you to clearly define your portion sizes. With options including small, medium and large, your customers are able to choose the ideal portion size for their needs and you can also charge different prices for each size so there is no one size fits all at a set price but a selection of options on offer to improve your customer connection.

3. Sustainability

All the different-sized paper bowls are made from the same materials meaning that they are all sustainable and recyclable. The wood pulp can also be composted and there are no harmful chemicals that can affect the environment. Environmentally conscious customers will also be impressed to learn that you have made a big step towards sustainability by using eco-friendly takeaway containers which will potentially keep them coming back over time.

4. Food Safety

The paper bowls are food-safe and ideal for a wide range of food types. They are also microwave-safe to heat up the food if customers want to save it for later. The plastic lining within the container is also heat and grease-resistant and is designed to prevent any leakages or spills ideal for wet food. The paper is a strong and durable material making it damage-resistant and it is able to contain different foods of varying weights while still being easy to hold for customers.

5. Portability

The paper bowls are ideal for customers who are ordering takeout and the different sizes mean they can choose an ideal portion that is still suitable for transport. The compact paper bowls are designed with convenience in mind and are lightweight and easy to hold for customers who are walking around the town. If the bowls contain hot food, they are also still able to be held as the bowls have an insulating property that is helped by the plastic lining so they won’t be too hot to the touch.

6. Brand Promotion

Another major benefit of different paper bowl sizes is that all sizes can still be personalised with custom printing of your unique logo and design to stand out in customers’ hands. No matter which paper bowl size your customers choose, all of your paper bowls can be printed on to provide an effective marketing tool for your food business whenever a customer chooses a takeaway option. Whether you own a restaurant, a food truck, or a deli, or cater for hospitality events, personalised food containers are a must-have to promote your brand and broaden your reach.

GMZ Collection

Here at GMZ, we pride ourselves on providing clients with professional products that are made from sustainable materials that are recyclable and compostable. We offer an incredible range of 5 different paper bowl sizes to suit the needs of all our customers and the items on your menu. We provide paper bowls in 500ml, 750ml, 100ml, 1100ml and 1300ml sizes in 2 colours. You can choose from kraft paper bowls which are a natural brown colour that provides a rustic, traditional style or white paper bowls which are bleached to create a clean and bright style.

All of our paper bowls come with matching, tight-fitting lids in paper, PP or PET material to contain the food which is ideal for takeaway customers and storage. The heat and moisture-resistant lining is an essential addition which effectively prevents leakages and spills and it also stops the paper from getting soggy and disintegrating from wet food. We also offer a custom printing service in which you can have your business logo or event information printed on the paper bowls to further promote your brand and increase visibility.

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