Top 5 Benefits of Switching to Bagasse Cup Lids for Your Coffee Business

If you own a beverage business and offer a takeaway service for customers who prefer to have their drinks on the go, it is essential that you provide your takeaway customers with high quality cups to contain and protect their drinks with tight fitting lids. The bagasse coffee cup lids, also known as sugarcane cup lids, are made of completely biodegradable and compostable raw plant materials and are a very eco friendly alternative option for your café compared to traditional plastic lids which are more harmful to the environment.

What Are Bagasse Cup Lids?

Bagasse coffee cup lids are made from the extracted juice from sugarcane commonly found in Brazil, China, Vietnam and Thailand and is used to create a fibrous residue. The sugarcane juice which is transformed into fibres is collected and pulped, moulded into the ideal lid shape and is then left to dry and harden to create the durable and strong material that is also used for other types of food packaging containers.

The fibre from the sugarcane used to be discarded until it was discovered that it can be used as a sustainable form of packaging. This previous agricultural waste is instead repurposed to create the eco friendly bagasse coffee cup lids which reduces the impact on the environment and also provides many other benefits for your coffee shop business. The sugarcane cup lids and the matching paper cups are disposable and are commonly used for both hot and cold drinks making these lids a suitable addition to your coffee business.

The 5 Benefits of Switching to Bagasse Coffee Cup Lids

There are many different cups available for use in coffee shops that come with various options for lids made from different materials. These bagasse coffee cup lids on offer are a popular choice as they provide many benefits for your beverage business such as:

1.   Eco Friendly / Renewable Resource

The bagasse coffee cup lids are made from the sugarcane pulp which is a renewable resource and has less impact on the environment compared to the production of plastic cups and lids. These sugarcane cup lids are sustainable and also biodegradable and compostable and once they have been used they should be disposed of correctly and they can degrade in as little as 90 days to enrich the soil. This reduces the amount of waste for your business and gives you a good reputation amongst customers for being eco friendly as they can easily and responsibly dispose of their takeaway cups and lids without having to worry about contributing to pollution.

2.   Insulating Properties

Takeaway customers want to make sure their drinks are hot for as long as possible when on the move and this is why you should provide thick, insulating cups such as the double wall paper cups as well as the sugarcane cup lids. The bagasse coffee cup lids are thermal resistant and have insulating properties which will keep the drinks hot and contained. They are available in a range of sizes to match the cup sizes and will fit tightly to the cups to protect the contents of the drinks so customers can enjoy the convenience of takeaway cups.

3.   Ideal for Takeaway Drinks

Many coffee shops now offer takeaway drinks for their customers but it is essential that you also provide cup lids to add extra protection for the drinks. The bagasse coffee cup lids not only keep the drink sealed to keep the heat in, they are also hugely beneficial in preventing leakages and spillages while customers are on the go. This also prevents any potential burns on the skin from accidental spills of the hot liquid as the contents of the drinks are tightly sealed with the effective sugarcane cup lids.

4.   Durable and Firm Material

The bagasse coffee cup lids are more durable than plastic lids and they provide a sturdy lid for customers’ takeaway drinks to protect the contents. The sugarcane pulp creates a firm material that is then moulded into the perfect lid shape which can fit onto an array of different sized cups. This will effectively contain the hot liquids in the cups for an accessible drink that customers can enjoy. The sugarcane cup lids are also suitable for cold drinks and are now a popular choice for many coffee shops.

5.   Comfortable Sips for Customers

The sugarcane cup lids have a small hole at the top of the cup which allows customers to take small, controlled sips of the hot drinks. This helps to prevents spills and stops customers from burning their mouths on the hot contents as they receive the perfect amount of coffee with each sip. The rim of the lids is also elevated slightly to catch any drips or spills which is ideal for customers on the go, whether they are walking around or in the car.

How Should Sugarcane Cup Lids Be Stored?

The sugarcane cup lids are a convenient product for many coffee shops that should be stored in a certain way to prevent damages to the lids. The lids must be kept in a cool, dry place and should not be in the view of direct sunlight. This will stop any moisture from reaching the bagasse coffee cup lids and will also prevent the warping of the material to ensure they are always fit to use on your takeaway cups.

These bagasse coffee cup lids are for one time use only and are easily disposable along with the cups. It is vital that the lids are stored correctly to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and handling is met. These sugarcane cup lids are used to perform a tight and leak proof seal and any damage or warping from certain exposures can cause the lids to not fit properly and may affect customer satisfaction.

The sugarcane cup lids are lightweight and durable making them easy to transport and store. Follow these tips to make sure you store the lids correctly so they are kept to the highest quality prior to being used on takeaway cups for customers. It is also advised that you buy in bulk to reduce extra costs and fuel consumption during transportation.

GMZ Collection

Here at GMZ, we provide a wide range of products that should be an essential part of your café. Ideal for all types of takeaway drinks, you can find a variety of disposable cups including single wall paper cups, double wall paper cups, ripple wall paper cups and plastic free paper cups, along with PLA and PE coated paper cups and even PET plastic cups. All of our cups are recyclable, some even biodegradable or compostable and are available in a range of sizes from 4oz to 22oz which are ideal for the different types of drinks advertised on your menu.

All of our cups also come with a selection of matching lids including our popular bagasse coffee cup lids, PS lids, paper lids and PET lids. These lids all fit tightly to the cups of your choice to prevent spills and to keep the contents contained. GMZ also provides a custom printing service in which you are able to have your coffee shop logo printed on the side of the cups which takeaway customers will use to advertise your business when they leave with your cup in hand. All of our products have passed the EU FCM and PFAS free tests and are made to the highest standard of quality.

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