Top 6 Advantages of PET Plastic Cups for Your Beverage Business

Top 6 Advantages of PET Plastic Cups for Your Beverage Business

Plastic packaging has become a big problem for businesses worldwide due to it being unrecyclable and 50% of it is dumped in a landfill and 6.1 million tonnes is leaked into the sea every year (source). However, now many businesses have started to use much more sustainable and eco-friendly PET plastic cups for all of their packaging. The ability to recycle PET plastic is much more beneficial for the environment and it is no wonder that it has become the most popular type of packaging to be used by businesses.

GMZ is a professional food package supplier that specializes in producing PET plastic cups and U-shaped PET cups in various sizes, along with matching lids that fit perfectly. There are many benefits that come with switching to PET plastic cups, both for your business and the environment.

What is PET?

PET stands for Polyethylene terephthalate and is a thermoplastic polymer resin of the polyester family which is used in food and drink packaging to achieve a transparent, lightweight container. The PET resin pellets are heated to a molten temperature in which the plastic can be moulded into a suitable shape or stretched very thin to achieve PET film for more packaging. It produces a gloss finish and is a strong material that protects and seals the food and drink within. PET is also a more durable material than regular plastic as it is shatterproof and it is a more cost effective option for businesses.

Advantages of PET Cups

Here are the six prominent advantages of using PET plastic cups for your beverage business:

1. Recyclable

PET is the most recycled type of plastic worldwide and it requires less energy consumption to manufacture than other types of packaging. 100% of the PET plastic is able to be recycled and this can be repeated over and over again making it much more environmentally friendly. It can be reused and remade into different products which in turn reduces the volume of wasted resources. Due to its lightweight material, it also reduces emissions and fuel consumption when being transported.

PET plastic cups from beverage businesses aren’t always recycled into the same products either. The material can be transformed and used in the re-creation of clothing, construction materials, automotive parts, new bottles, jars and so much more! This means that the material is reused many times to create something new and useful in other ways for the economy and society. Raw materials are no longer overused and waste is considerably reduced.

2. Eco Friendly

PET plastic packaging has a much lower carbon footprint than any other type of plastic packaging as it requires less energy to manufacture. Traditional plastic cups, in comparison, produce higher carbon dioxide emissions during manufacture and transportation making the PET plastic much more eco-friendly. Polystyrene, which is used in manufacturing disposable cups, plates and take away food containers, is known to be recycled a lot less and it requires higher energy consumption during production. Polypropylene cups are ideal for hot beverages but they also require higher energy consumption and are not as widely recycled as PET.

Many businesses now use PET plastic cups and packaging as it is proven to be much better for the environment than other alternatives. The ability to recycle and reuse PET plastics also supports the growth of the circular economy which reduces the amount of new plastics being produced each year and therefore minimises the demand on resources required by integrating the same packaging into production repeatedly.

3. Sustainable Packaging

One of the major benefits of using PET plastic cups for your business is that it is highly sustainable. The plastic is very durable so less packaging is required to protect the products. PET plastic is used to contain cold drinks and is resistant to wear and damage for a strong material suitable for all types of chill beverage packaging. It is long lasting, meaning that the products within the packaging can stay fresh and sealed for extended periods.

It is a lightweight yet sturdy material which is shatterproof, making it the perfect type of packaging to use for a variety of beverages. The clear PET cups can also come with tight fitting lids which will keep the product fresh and reduce spillages that’s perfect for takeaway orders.

clear pet cups for cold beverages

4. Premium Brand Promotion

Due to the transparency of the clear PET plastic, these cups are perfect for premium brand promotion of beverage businesses. Communicate your brand with customers when you purchase customised clear PET cups from GMZ which is an effective tool to boost your brand presence and broaden the reach of your business with simple yet brilliant branding on your cups. Not only can customers see what’s inside their cup prior to consuming, it also gives businesses an opportunity to promote their brand whether using a bold and bright design or a minimalist design that suits your style.

These clear PET cups are the perfect addition to your beverage business as they look good with a personalised sleek and smooth design of your choice suitable for customers complete with customised graphics to enhance your brand and get your name into the hands of people who may have never heard of your business, until now.

5. Easy to Transport / Portability

Another top advantage of using PET plastic cups for businesses is that it is much easier to transport large quantities of the products across countries and the world. The material is light weight which effectively reduces carbon emissions and lowers your business’s carbon footprint at the same time. It also reduces fuel consumption during transportation compared to the energy and fuel consumption of other plastics and products such as polycarbonate, which requires as much as 40% more energy to produce (source).

The sturdy, shatterproof design of the clear PET plastic cups is also essential for portability, especially perfect for customers who order drinks to go. Customers can enjoy a hassle free takeaway cup that keeps their drink fresh and sealed before the cup is then correctly disposed of into the recycling bins to be reused again. The cups are also stackable so they don’t take up too much space during storage and they offer a hygienic, one time use for businesses and customers alike.

6. Attractive Beverage Presentation

Another advantage of PET cups is that they are transparent and clear, so customers can get a stunning view of the beverage inside. It’s perfect for iced coffee, smoothies, soft drinks and more with vibrant colors and multiple layers. The crystal-clear nature of PET cups not only helps to present the beverage in a better light but also earns customers’ trust as they can see through what they’re drinking.

round bottom cups made from pet plastic

Additionally, GMZ offers a stylish U-shaped PET cup design with a round bottom. These round bottom plastic cups not only offer a comfortable grip but upgrade the aesthetic appeal as well. All of their clear PET cups can be paired with PET lids, including flat lids that securely fit the cups with a small hole for a straw, popup lids that allow customers to drink directly, and dome lids that offer extra space for whipped cream, fruit toppings, or other decorative elements.

pet lids for clear pet cups

PET Cups & Lids Supplier – GMZ

Here at GMZ, we manufacture a selection of PET plastic cups available in a variety of sizes with tight fitting PET lids as well as paper cups and food containers such as paper bowls, soup cups and pizza boxes. We also offer customisation on all of our products which includes labels, retail packaging and printing to promote your business with a logo and HD graphics that stand out on the clear material of the cups to expand the reach of your brand and improve visibility.

GMZ prides itself on being committed to environmental and social responsibility by producing recyclable PET plastic cups and packaging. We use sustainable materials that are designed to meet food grade standards to ensure client’s beverages are safe and hygienic. Take a look at our selection of products available that are shatter resistant, light-weight, transparent and recyclable to boost your business.

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