The Ultimate Guide to PET Lids: Styles, Uses, and Benefits

The Ultimate Guide to PET Lids Styles, Uses, and Benefits

PET plastic cups and matching lids have become one of the most popular types of plastic packaging available worldwide due to its environmentally friendly and recyclable properties. Commonly used as an accessible container for drinks, these PET cups are hygienic, durable and lightweight, perfect for your beverage business. They also come with a variety of PET lids such as PET dome lids, PET pop up lids and PET flat lids, which all tightly cover and seal the cups to keep the drinks fresh and prevent spillages.

PET cups are the perfect addition to your beverage business as you can choose custom printed PET cups which advertise your brand and improve your visibility with the help of customers who purchase takeaway drinks. GMZ are committed to social and environmental responsibility with the production of PET plastic cups and lids in a selection of sizes and shapes that can be personalised for your business.

What is PET?

PET is a recyclable type of plastic that stands for Polyethylene terephthalate now commonly used in plastic packaging to create a clear, lightweight and durable material which is ideal for drink cups. PET resin pellets are heated to a molten temperature which enables the plastic to be moulded into ideal shapes suitable for drinks and other packaging. PET lids are manufactured in the same way to produce tight fitting lids that match the array of cups available with the addition of a little hole on top to fit a straw into so customers can easily access their drinks. PET is eco friendly and cost effective as it requires less energy and fuel consumption to manufacture and transport, making this an essential purchase for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

PET Lids Styles

There are three main types of PET cup lids that many beverage businesses use to advertise their selection of drinks. The right PET lids for your drinks will depend on the style of cup you use as there is a suitable lid to match the different cups available. Here are the most common styles of PET cup lids that can be found at GMZ:

1. PET Dome Lids

PET dome lids are ideal for takeaway taller drinks such as smoothies, cocktails and iced drinks advertised by beverage businesses as the matching cups are generally taller. The dome style of the lids provides extra space in the cup and offers the opportunity to add extra toppings to the drink such as whipped cream or foam without the contents being crushed. GMZ advertises unique and elegant U-shaped cups which pair perfectly with the PET dome lids to ensure a secure fit that prevents spillages. There is also a hole in the middle of the dome used for straws so customers can easily access their delicious drink.

PET Dome Lids

2. PET Flat Lids

PET flat lids come in a wide range of sizes to ensure they are compatible with different sized PET cups. Ideal for takeaway beverage businesses, these PET lids fit tightly to the cups to prevent leaks and keep the contents fresh within. PET cups are most suitable for cold drinks and you may use the PET flat lids to contain iced drinks, smoothies and more. The transparent cups allow customers to be able to see the contents of the drink and GMZ provides a selection of sizes available that are stackable with a tight seal complete with straw holes in the centre for easy access to the drinks.

PET Flat Lids

3. PET Pop Up Lids

PET pop up lids are an innovative design which allows customers to drink through a sip hole without the need for a straw. Ideal for cocktails, juices and smoothies for outdoor events and takeaway drinks at bars, cafes and restaurants, these PET pop up lids create a tight seal but offer an easily accessible drink hole for customers. On GMZ, there is an array of sizes available for the PET pop up lids to match the different cup sizes for an ideal alternative to replace straws.

PET Pop Up Lids

The Uses of PET Lids

1. A container for Liquids

The PET cup lids are very popular for businesses because the lids act as sturdy and reliable container for liquids. The PET dome lids, PET flat lids and PET pop up lids all seal tightly onto the cup to prevent leakages which makes it much easier to transport the drinks for takeaway customers who may be in a rush to get to work. Customers no longer need to worry about the contents of the cup as it will stay where it’s supposed to be!

2. Different Types of Drinks

The PET lids and cups can be used for a wide range of drinks on offer in cafes, bars and restaurants. From smoothies, juice and milkshakes to iced tea and coffee and even cocktails. These PET cups can house any cold drink that your business serves. The PET dome lids are ideal for the drinks that have an extra topping such as whipped cream as they provide extra storage.

3. Prevents Spillages

The main use of these specialist PET lids is to keep the liquid secure in a cup to stop any of the contents from spilling. The straw holes are ideal for customers as they won’t have to tip the cup to gain access to the drink and they simply take a drink from the straw.

4. Controllable Sips

Another ideal use of the PET lids is that they allow customers to take controlled sips of their drinks through a straw or sip hole instead of taking in quite a big amount of liquid by taking a drink from the rim of a glass. With the PET cup lids, customers are able to take their time with the drink and avoid any spills.

The Benefits of PET Lids

For many years, PET lids and cups have gained popularity to be used as an alternative to traditional plastic packaging as it is fully recyclable, sustainable and eco friendly, meaning it is much better to manufacture for the environment. There are many benefits for using PET cup lids for your business as your go to products.

1. Tight Seal

This is an essential benefit of PET cup lids as a secure lid and tight fit keeps the drinks within fresh for longer and prevents any leaks or spillages. This is beneficial for customers on the go as they will feel more confident walking around without worrying about spilling from the cup.

2. Straw Holes / Sip Holes

Another major benefit of PET lids is that they always include a small hole to allow straws to be put in meaning customers don’t have to remove the lids to get to the contents. This is an accessible feature for PET cups that allows easy access to the drinks.

3. Recyclable / Eco Friendly

PET cups and lids are fully recyclable which makes them much better for the environment than other types of plastic which isn’t. They are produced using sustainable materials and renewable energy sources and it also requires less energy and fuel consumption to manufacture and transport which reduces the carbon footprint.

4. Variety of Shapes and Sizes

There is a range of cup sizes with different sized lids to fit tightly to the cups for a secure finish which are suitable for an array of drinks on offer. GMZ provides three different types of lids which are PET flat lids, PET dome lids and PET pop up lids and businesses can choose the perfect cups with matching lids depending on the style you prefer.

5. Portability

The PET lids are easy to transport as the PET flat lids and cups are stackable and the PET dome lids and pop up lids are also all lightweight which reduces carbon emissions and therefore reduces your carbon footprint. The cups and matching PET lids are also easily portable due to the shatterproof and durable material perfect for takeaway customers.

GMZ is a professional PET cups & lids supplier that manufactures a selection of impressive PET cups and matching lids perfect for all beverage businesses. You can browse through the array of traditional PET cups and U-shaped cups that both come in various sizes as well as three specialist types of PET lids that are also available in different sizes to match the cups. The PET flat lids are ideal for iced coffees and juices, the PET dome lids are perfect for taller drinks such as cocktails, smoothies and milkshakes as the domed lid provides extra space for toppings and the PET pop up lids are an innovative style that provides easy access to drinks.

GMZ also provides a custom printing service in which you can receive customised PET cups with your logo to advertise your business on takeaway drinks. The clear material of the cups offers the perfect opportunity to promote your brand and broaden your reach. PET cup lids are produced using sustainable materials and renewable sources to create a fully recyclable product that is hygienic, safe and essential for your beverage business.

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