Why Choose Paper Soup Cups? Top 10 Eco-Friendly Benefits

Paper soup cups are becoming a more popular choice for restaurants to provide their takeaway customers with for a number of reasons. These eco-friendly soup containers are an essential addition to your food business as they reduce plastic waste and reduce your negative impact on the environment which is a bonus for customers when they are choosing which business to support. The paper soup cups are often made from wood pulp which is a sustainable material known for its durability and sturdiness and this is just one of the many reasons why you should choose paper soup cups for your takeaway services.

Here are the top 10 eco-friendly benefits of using paper soup cups for your business.

1. Recyclable, Biodegradable and Compostable

Paper soup cups are a much more eco-friendly option than plastic cups because they are recyclable. Although they do have a thin PLA plastic lining to prevent leakages and to stop the paper from going soggy, specialist recycling facilities are able to separate the lining from paper cups to fully recycle the cups. The paper soup cups are made from renewable resources and food-grade paper which is biodegradable and compostable and can therefore be used to enrich soil rather than going to landfill.

2. Reduces Plastic Waste

A lot of single-use plastic containers are not recycled and end up in landfills so choosing paper soup cups instead will drastically reduce the plastic waste. This is also beneficial for the environment as it reduces the negative impact on the ecosystems and paper soup cups can be recycled and reused, effectively reducing excess waste. During manufacturing and transportation, paper soup cups also require much less energy and fuel consumption than plastic cups which also helps to lower your carbon footprint.

3. Boosts Customer Awareness

Now more than ever, customers are conscious of their contribution to pollution. If you advertise that you now use eco-friendly soup containers, this will attract more environmentally conscious customers who are looking for ways to further reduce their impact on the environment by doing whatever they can to help. Offering eco-friendly cup alternatives will increase your customer loyalty and make more people aware that your business embraces the sustainability of disposable and recyclable paper soup cups to enhance the customer experience.

4. Responsible Disposal

The major positive of eco-friendly soup containers is that they can be easily and responsibly disposed of. The PLA plastic lining in the paper soup cups which is added to prevent leakages and improve durability is also recyclable and if disposed of correctly it will break down naturally and it doesn’t produce any harmful residues. This will encourage more customers to purchase the paper soup cups as there is no difficult recycling process, they simply need to be put in a paper bin.

5. Convenient

Disposable paper soup cups are a big advantage for many customers due to their convenience. Customers who like to buy takeaway soups want a convenient experience while on the go. The eco-friendly soup containers are hugely convenient because they allow customers to walk around as they are easy to carry due to their lightweight. They can get on with their day and enjoy the contents of the cup at their own leisure before disposing of the cup at any recycling bin on their travels.

Not only do the paper soup cups have eco-friendly benefits for your business, but they also provide even more ideal properties that are advantageous for both you and your customers. These benefits are just as important and will ensure that your food business is known for its impressive paper soup cups.

6. Insulation

These paper soup cups are known for their amazing insulating properties which are designed to keep the contents of the cups hot for longer. The cups are made from two layers of food-grade paper which create an air pocket in between and retain the heat inside of the cup while also allowing the outside of the cup to stay cool so customers can comfortably hold it without burning their hands. This is ideal for customers on the move as it stops the soup from getting cold quickly while being outside and will therefore enhance your customers’ experience and keep them coming back for more.

7. Portability

The eco-friendly soup containers are lightweight making them easily portable for customers to carry and take on their journeys. The insulating properties also make the cups easy to hold without the need for a sleeve or double cupping. Whether your customers want to take your soup to work or the park, they can easily consume the contents anywhere they want with their portability and they don’t have to rush as the soup can stay warm for longer.

8. Leak Resistant

The paper soup cups have a PLA lining inside which makes the cups leak resistant and stops the cups from quickly going soggy. These cups are ideal for single use and are also available with accompanying lids to ensure the contents are tightly sealed and protected to help avoid any spills too. This is ideal for customers on the go who don’t want to accidentally spill their soup while walking around with a cup in hand.

GMZ supplier of paper soup cups with lids

9. Variety of Sizes

The paper soup cups are available in a wide range of sizes, usually from 8oz to 32oz which allows businesses to be able to advertise different portion sizes on the menu. This is also beneficial for customers as they can choose a suitable size for their individual needs meaning that there is less food and packaging waste. This helps you to manage your stock and gives customers options, rather than just one set price for one size fits all. Whether customers are after a soup side dish or a main meal, there is an ideal-sized paper soup cup suitable for all situations.

10. Brand Promotion

Another hugely popular benefit of the eco-friendly soup containers is that your logo can be custom-printed on the side. You should choose vibrant colors or a standout design for your paper soup cups and this will be an effective marketing tool as customers can walk around the town with your cups in hand which will catch the eyes of other people who will take an interest and may then want to take a visit to your café. This provides you with extra customers who then repeat the process outside as more and more people notice your logo and are impressed with the eco-friendly soup containers.

The GMZ Collection

GMZ is a food packaging manufacturer for a selection of eco-friendly and sustainable products that are essential additions to your beverage and food business. From a variety of paper cups and PET plastic cups suitable for hot and cold drinks to food packaging such as these paper soup cups and even an array of matching lids to protect the contents, there is certainly a suitable product for you. Our eco-friendly soup containers are made from high-quality food-grade paper and are available in both white and kraft paper. There is a range of sizes on offer from 8oz to 32oz and you can also choose paper lids or PP lids to contain the soup and prevent any spills or leakages.

You will also find a custom printing service available at GMZ and we will print your restaurant logo on the paper soup cups which effectively promotes your brand and reaches more potential customers. Increase the loyalty of your customers and improve your connection by providing eco-friendly soup containers that are made from renewable resources, have excellent insulation properties, and are fully recyclable when disposed of correctly. Keep your soup hot for long periods of time and enhance your customer experience with convenient and portable paper soup cups that will surely impress your customers.

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