7 Best Paper Lunch Box Styles to Elevate Your Meal Packaging

7 Best Paper Lunch Box Styles to Elevate Your Meal Packaging

​When it comes to meal packaging, paper lunch boxes have been a popular option in the market. Their disposable nature, convenience, eco-friendliness, and visual appeal make them an ideal solution. Whether you run a restaurant, a food delivery service, or simply need to pack meals for a picnic, paper bento boxes are undoubtedly a perfect solution.

But what exactly are paper lunch boxes, and what types are available? In this blog, we’ll uncover six types of paper lunch boxes and tell you how to choose the right ones for your needs. Plus, We’ve spotlighted one of the best options on the market.

What Are Paper Lunch Boxes?

Paper lunch boxes, also known as paper bento boxes, are containers made primarily from
paperboard or cardboard designed to package and carry meals. Crafted from recycled paperboard and coated with food-grade materials, they are like the paper-made stuff we use every day. Why are paper lunch boxes so great? Let’s break it down:

  • Eco-friendly: They’re made from renewable resources, and many are recyclable or biodegradable, which means they help reduce environmental impact.
  • Convenience: These boxes are lightweight and easy to use, making meal packaging a breeze for both folks and food service providers.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: You can customize them with logos and designs, making your yummy food look even more appealing. It is a nice chance to enhance your brand’s recognition.
  • Versatility: They’re perfect for a variety of meals, from simple sandwiches to full-course dinners. You can use them for different dining occasions effortlessly.

Six Different Styles of Paper Lunch Boxes

Selecting the ideal style of the paper bento box can greatly enhance the dining experience. Let’s explore some popular styles and discover what sets each one apart:

Classic Fold-Top Boxes

Ideal for any meal, Classic Fold-Top Boxes are straightforward and practical, perfect for
sandwiches, salads, and other single-item meals.

Top-Folding Kraft Paper Lunch Boxes

Windowed Paper Boxes

Featuring a clear window, these boxes allow customers to see the contents. It is easier to attract customers as they are displaying your baked goods or colorful salads.

Kraft Paper Lunch Boxes with Window

Gable Boxes

Gable Boxes include a convenient handle on top, which allows people to carry them effortlessly and is ideal for take-out meals, gift boxes, or party favors.

Compartmentalized Boxes

With separate sections for different foods, these compartmentalized Boxes are perfect for bento-style meals or lunch combos, keeping flavors and textures intact.

Kraft Paper Lunch Boxes with Divider

Sleeve and Tray Boxes

Offering a sophisticated look with a tray and sliding sleeve, Sleeve, and Tray Boxes are suited for high-end meals and elegant food presentations.

Paper Lunch Box with Clear Flat Lids

Kraft Paper Bowls

Made from durable kraft paper, these versatile containers are suitable for everything from salads to rice. Biodegradable and recyclable, they are a sustainable food packaging option.

Paper Soup Cups

Designed to hold hot soup or broth without compromising the structure of the cup. The portability and simplicity also make them a popular choice among consumers.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Paper Lunch Boxes

Choosing the perfect paper lunch box involves a bit more than just grabbing the first one you see. Here’s what you should keep in mind to make the best choice:

Material Quality

When picking out the perfect paper lunch box, here’s a little tip to keep in mind: Always choose boxes made from FCM-approved paper. This ensures they’re safe and non-toxic—exactly what you want for packing meals. Also, take a moment to check the GSM, or grams per square meter, of the paper. This tells you about the box’s strength and durability. For everyday meals, a GSM between 200 to 350 works great. But if you’re packing something a bit heavier or juicier, go for a box in the 300 to 450 GSM range to make sure everything stays in place without any soggy mishaps!

Size and Capacity

Make sure the sizes you choose match your portion sizes and the types of meals you serve. Whether it’s a small snack or a full-course meal, having the right size box makes all the difference.

Design and Aesthetic

First impressions matter! Opt for designs that reflect your brand and make your meals look even more appealing. To boost your brand’s visibility, you can choose a supplier that allows you to customize boxes with your logo or unique designs, making your food stand out from the crowd.

Leak and grease-proof

Nobody wants a soggy lunch. Ensure the boxes are lined or treated to prevent leaks and grease stains. This feature is crucial for maintaining food freshness and presentation, especially for dishes with sauces or oils.


Why clutter your storage with a bunch of different boxes? Look for boxes that can be used for various types of food. Versatile boxes can save you money and storage space, reducing the need for multiple packaging types.


You can compare prices across different manufacturers. This approach helps you balance quality with cost, ensuring that you find boxes that fit your budget without sacrificing essential features.

Best Paper Lunch Boxes on the Market – GMZ

Alright, we’ve talked about the different styles of paper lunch boxes and what to look for when choosing them. Now, let me introduce a standout choice – Takeaway Food Containers by GMZ Manufacturer. These GMZ boxes are designed to be the perfect partner for your food delivery and takeaway service. Let’s see why they’re so great.

  • ✅ Versatile Styles and Sizes: GMZ offers a variety of styles and sizes to fit different meal types and portions. Whether you need a small box for a sandwich or a larger one for a full meal, they’ve got you covered.
  • High-Quality Materials: These boxes are made from FCM-approved paper materials. This means you can pack your meals with confidence, knowing they’re in a safe container.
  • ✅ Leak-Proof and Grease-Proof: Worried about sauces and oils leaking through? GMZ’s containers are produced to be leak-proof and grease-proof, keeping your food fresh and presentable from kitchen to customer.
  • ✅Convenient Transport: One of the best features is that these boxes are shipped flat to save space and reduce transport costs. When you need them, they’re easy to fold into shape, making them super convenient.
  • ✅Practical and Sturdy: Built to meet the needs of any kitchen, these GMZ paper boxes combine functionality with a professional look. They’re practical, sturdy, and ready to handle any type of meal you need to pack.

Take your food packaging to the next level with China disposable packaging supplier GMZ. They are committed to combining style, functionality, and greenness in the production of disposable paper lunch boxes. You can be confident with your food presentation, always be top-notch, and have your customers satisfied. With GMZ’s takeaway food containers, you’re not just packing a meal—you’re making a statement about quality and care.

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