What is the Best Takeout Packaging for Food Businesses?

what is the best takeout food packaging

If you own a café or restaurant and have decided to start offering takeaway options for your menu, it is essential that you use the best takeout packaging suppliers for your business. Whether you are looking for eco-friendly options, durable materials or have to stick to a budget, there is certainly an ideal option for your business’s needs. The most common types of takeaway packaging are plastic and paper which can both be used for an array of dishes to ensure that food is kept fresh, sealed, and hot for the highest customer satisfaction.

The Pros and Cons of Different Takeout Packaging

The best takeout packaging for your business will depend on the type of food you sell. Paper and plastic both have benefits and disadvantages when it comes to takeout packaging. Here are the pros and cons of each to help you decide what to use.


Plastic takeout packaging is available in various forms including tubs, cups, and bottles with accompanying tight-fitting lids to protect and seal the food. Most plastic packaging is difficult to recycle which is bad for the environment as it fills up landfills but there are other types of plastic including bioplastic and PET plastic which are more eco-friendly and can be recycled at specialist facilities. Plastic takeout packaging is suitable for both hot and cold and wet and dry food due to its protective barrier properties and it is a firm and durable material that is available in a wide range of sizes and can easily hold varying weights of food. If you serve curry, pasta, soup and other wet food, plastic takeout containers may be the most suitable packaging for your business.

– Durable material
– Barrier properties
– Various sizes
– Suitable for all food
– Hard to recycle
– Harmful to the environment
– Uses more energy to manufacture


Paper is also popularly used as a type of takeout packaging and it is made from wood pulp which is a renewable resource that is recyclable and biodegradable making this a much more eco-friendly option. It can be used as takeout packaging for cups, bowls, pizza boxes and containers in a selection of shapes and sizes that often have a PLA lining to prevent leakages and stop the paper from getting soggy. It can be used for pizzas, salads, pasta, ice cream, and many more types of food you may sell at your business. It can be used for both hot and cold food and some of the takeout containers may have thicker cardboard or two layers of food-grade paper to create an air pocket which provides fantastic insulation to keep the food hot for longer. Paper has become the ideal option for takeaway packaging suppliers as it is better for the environment and fully recyclable.

– Eco-friendly / recyclable
– Various sizes
– Ideal for dry food
– Durable and lightweight
– Low costs to manufacture
– Not as strong as plastic
– Less barrier properties

Why Your Business Should Offer Takeout

Whether your business is new to offering takeouts for customers or you are an established eatery that has offered takeout for many years, there are many reasons why you should offer takeout as part of your business.

1. Increases revenue

Providing a takeout service is a popular option for many restaurants as it will boost sales from customers who enjoy a takeout in the comfort of their own home, rather than having to visit the restaurant. It is a good idea as customers are still able to enjoy your food even if the restaurant is full and there are no more tables left. Peak takeaway times also always coincide with slow times in the restaurant for example, Sunday nights are a popular takeaway time but restaurants are often quiet so it will increase your revenue if you offer takeaways.

2. Keeps customers happy

Many customers now prefer to enjoy a takeout at home after a long day at work as it is much easier when the food simply turns up at the front door instead of having to go out again and book a table at a bustling restaurant when they just want peace and quiet. Everyone has a favorite local restaurant and it will certainly keep your regular and loyal customers happy if you provide a takeout service in which they can enjoy their favorite food at any time at home.

3. Convenience

Takeout is a very convenient option for many people who are too tired to cook, want to spend time with family or who simply enjoy your food as they can have it delivered to their door at a suitable time and tuck in without having to wait around. Leftovers can also be saved for later which is an added bonus and will surely keep them coming back for more.

The Benefits of Takeout Packaging

If you are still considering the options of takeout packaging, here are some important benefits to think about that will improve your business.

1. Sustainability

Takeout packaging is now mainly made from renewable resources such as paper and PET plastic to reduce waste and reduce the negative impact on the environment. This means that the packaging can be recycled and reused to further reduce costs. Customers are happy knowing that their takeaway purchases are not affecting the environment.

2. Food Safety

It is vital that the takeout containers are completely food safe and both plastic and paper packaging are made from materials that prevent contamination and should be EU FCM (Food Contact Material) certified. There are also different options of packaging for different food consistencies, for example, plastic is better for wet food whereas paper is more suitable for dry food.

3. Protects the Food

The best takeout packaging will protect the food and keep the contents at the highest quality during the journey from the restaurant to your door. Tightly sealed packaging will prevent any spillages and keep the food intact at a presentable level even after its travels.

4. Insulation

The best takeout packaging will be able to retain heat for long periods of time so that the food will arrive at customers’ homes at the desired temperature. Depending on the lining, the packaging should have insulating properties that keep the heat inside and makes sure customers are happy with the temperature of their food.

5. Convenience

Another major benefit of using takeout packaging is that it should be highly convenient for customers to easily dispose of after use. There is no need to wash up the containers after dinner and leftovers can also be left in the containers to protect the contents until someone decides to finish the food.

6. Brand Awareness

Plain takeout packaging is also an opportunity for you to promote your business with custom-printed packaging. The takeaway packaging suppliers will offer a personalized printing service meaning you can have your logo printed on all your takeaway products to market your restaurant and strengthen your brand identity which will be associated with the quality of the food in the takeout delivery.

The GMZ Takeout Packaging Collection

GMZ is a takeout packaging supplier and manufacturer that provides clients with a range of eco-friendly packaging suitable for your restaurant business. You can find paper takeaway food containers, pizza boxes, paper soup cups, and paper bowls as well as a selection of paper and plastic cups to complete the order. The products are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to cater to all portions and there are suitable options for both hot and cold food that have protective barriers. These takeaway food containers are designed to compactly seal the food inside to protect the contents and prevent spillages. The boxes are recyclable and freezer-safe and are an essential investment for your food business.

There is also custom printing available at GMZ so your takeout packaging can have your business logo printed on them to further promote your brand and market your restaurant. Choose our eco-friendly and sustainable takeout packaging to provide safe and delicious food that keeps your customers coming back over time.

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